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This thread is the joint winner of the Creative Writing Contest on a school box.
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    Story of an aluminium school box

    Do you remember me? I am an aluminium school box. The student used me to keep their books. I was a favourite item of the richest students and I was the pride of them. Once I was kept at the top of the shelf in a shop. Mr. Hari Mehta entered the shop with his son Suresh. He was looking for a good school box for his child. The shopkeeper took me and Mr Mehta and his son chose me. I was brought to their home and Suresh was very much excited after getting me. He took his books and kept inside me. Next day Suresh reached school with me and after seeing me all his friends were excited. I was happy to see them enjoying. Suresh took care of me. He washed me daily. And I took care of his books in every season. We both were very happy. Five years passed with enjoying the movements. After five years, one night Mr. Hari Mehta enter the room of Suresh. He had brought a plastic carry bag. Suresh opened that carry bag and he found a school bag. He was excited and hugged his father. I couldn't understand what was happening? Suddenly he took all his books from me and kept that books inside that bag. He kept me above an almirah. Now, Suresh was excited after getting that bag. Tears came out from my eyes. Now I was alone above the almirah. Now, he had no time for me. He was enjoying his new school bag. I became dirty and he had no time to wash me and had no time for me. But whenever I saw him enjoying with his bag I became happy that my friend was enjoying.

    One day, Mr. Mehta took me, I was surprised why he had taken me in his hand after a long time. He carried me out of his home and sold as a scrape. I was seeing the home I have spent my golden days here. But what can I do? I was brought to a godown and thrown away in a corner of that godown. There was no value of me. No one was giving importance to me.

    After someday, the father of the shop owner entered the godown. Suddenly he found me. As he saw me, he took me and a tear came down from his eye. He told his son that he wanted this Alimunium box in his school life but the condition of his father was very poor. So, he did not get an Aluminium school box.

    He brought me to his house. Washed me painted me. I was happy again. He took his religious books and kept inside me. Now, it was a pride movement again for me. Whenever he took me to get his book, he kissed me.

    He takes care of me daily. I am again enjoying my life. But I do not know how long it will go? But dear friends Value every item you have at your home. They also have some golden days and some golden memories with your family members.

    If you have used me, let share your experience here.

    This is my entry for A school box - creative writing contest.
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    The same aluminium box was mentioned by me in my thread which used to be our carrying box and could house all the books, geometry box and also the lunch box.
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    An autobiography of a school box. Well written by the author. We all know that when a new variety enters the market, people will forget the old variety. They throw their old items and go for the new items. It is the order of the day. As the items are not human beings, they don't have any feelings. But we will definitely feel when we have to shed some of our favourite items remembering the service rendered by that item. But here in this story, it is different.

    Generally, when we are in our childhood we always like to carry new items to the class as we will get special attention from our classmates and we will get appreciations from other students. Same is the case with the boy in the story also. He is happy in getting a new bag and in that happiness he never worried about the box which has served him for 5 years.

    The author closed the story by seeing the happy moments of the box again and it is very nice by the time the story is closed all involved are happy. A good story.

    always confident

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    Aluminium boxes were popular sometime as school boxes. They had good capacity to hold all books, lunc box, water bottle etc.However for most students te parents used to carry them.
    As an autobiographical narration this story is good.

    Aluminium is probabaly the most value fetchng in scraps nowadays.

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    @ Mr K Mohan sir,
    Yes, sir, you have also written about the aluminium box. I read your thread after submitting my thread. My thread is different from your thread. I have submitted an autobiography of the aluminium box.

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    A well written thread.
    Aluminum boxes were often used in past but now bags are liked by students.

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    Aluminium box or aluminium school box was the pride of the rich or only a few students had it during the old times. I was fortunate to have one when I was admitted to 1st standard in my village but it was used only for a few months as I was transferred to Bombay in the same year. In Mumbai, I have a school bag but it was kept in my native home. As mentioned in the autobiography, the aluminium box is still kept on top of the cupboard. My mother keeps her books, receipts, directory inside it. The story of the aluminium box in our home is ditto to the story presented by the writer for the contest.
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    I have not used the aluminium school box but saw it being used by my seniors. The aluminium box has somehow gained a new owner. It was nice to see the text books are replaced by the religious books. The young school boy has passed it to a senior person but still both loved and cared for it.
    It all depends on our preferences in life that we keep on changing, just because of memories a few items cannot be kept with us for long years.

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