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    Tomorrow is the Solar Eclipse. What are you going to do?

    Tomorrow is Solar Eclipse (Soorya Grahan). The eclipse will start at 9 a.m and go on up to 3 p.m. The Eclipse will be clearly visible to the whole of India. Moving out during the Eclipse is not advisable as advised by our elders. Eating during Eclipse is forbidden. We should take our breakfast before the start of Eclipse. No cooking is permitted. After the Eclipse, we need to take a bath; cook food, and eat fresh food.

    Are you aware of this? What are your plans for tomorrow?
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    Yes,I am aware of this even fromchildhood. Butafter becoming adult and staying independent, I generally did not practice the traditional restrictions. Many occasons I would be at office. So it goes like that.
    Tomoroow, I may be practisig after many years the basic restrictions leraned in childhood as the author also mentoned here.
    I am not that sure, but ayway I may not go outside and look at the Sun. I plan to sit infront of TV and view the eclipse scenes if they are telecast.

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    I am aware about tomorrow solar eclipse. As author mentioned above all is true in respect of illusion and traditional restriction. It will start from morning 9 pm and end at 3 pm in all over india. It can be seen on different time in different parts of india. There are many illusion and superstitious behind eclipse which are followed by many people. I also believe in illusion and follow everything what do's and don'ts. I will also finish my all household work before the start of eclipse. I never cook food during eclipse. I would take bath during eclipse and after eclipse. I avoid having food during eclipse. After touching rice and other eatable item would gift to pandit, when eclipse get over. I never touch God during eclipse. Many people in our family used to go for 'Ganga snan'. There was a thought behind that sin goes off from life after having bath in Ganga during eclipse. So even today many people follow this. But it is not possible this year because of lock down.

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    We have told by the elders not to take in food or baverages after 8 am today and the eclipse would start at 10.15 am and last till 1.30 pm. For us there is a ritual to perform the grahana tharpanam for the elders who lost . For example I have to perform the rituals for my mother side and also the father side. And those who are patients and has to take medicine they have to do so before 8 am and after that not even water should be allowed to drink. After the eclipse is over, everyone need to go for bathing again and only after that the cooking would start for the day and we eat our lunch after 3,30 pm.
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    Today we had an early breakfast. We finished our breakfast at 7 AM. We will have a late lunch maybe around 3 PM. After 8 AM no eating or no drinking. After the eclipse, we will have a bath and then we will fo for lunch. In Hyderabad, the time of starting was 10.15 AM and closing time is 1.30 PM. After 1. 30 PM my wife has to cook the food. All of us are in the house only and no special activity is planned. Watching TV is the only activity. I opened my laptop and started working on that. It is very cool outside and no heat. The eclipse is partial only. So it is not completely dark kere. But it is like a cloudy atmosphere with no heat around. As per the rituals, we will change our Yajgopaveetham ( Sacred thread) after the eclipse and then only we have to go for our lunch.
    I never think about why we have to follow. This is what my father did during the eclipse and I follow the same now. This is the tradition. There may be something good in this. So there is no harm if we follow them. This is what I think in this aspect.

    always confident

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