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    Railways pushed to huge loss

    The railways has suffered a huge loss in this year thanks to pandemic and its after effects. Firstly the trains were stopped for more than 100 days now and secondly the coaches were converted to covid isolation wards and the third being ferrying of migrants to their destination which was the huge task accomplished and the fourth being payment of salaries to the employees with no cut. All these forced the railways to for very strict austerity measure and may be in future there would be additional hike of train fare and goods fare. What is your take?
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    The lower class fares in Indian Railways are less than what it should had been if we consider the inflationary trends in the past decades. As many poor and lower class people predominantly use Railways for travel and movement from one place to another, Govt always restricted itself from increasing these fares. Same thing happened with the local buses also. There was no phenomenal rise in these fares. Now in the present situation many companies are suffering loses and Railway is no exception. Only thing is Railway being a Govt company it can absorb loses as its budgetary provisions are monitored and provided by the Govt only. That is the benefit that Govt departments are having. We can see the other example of MTNL and BSNL which are surviving because they are in the fold of Govt. So for Railways this phase would pass just like that.
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    It's been for several decades that Indian railways always incur loss because of keeping journey for passengers within affordable fares. Lalu Prasad Yadav is known as the only Minister of railways who successfully brought railways in profit.

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    If we look the fares of Railways for each class, sleeper classes are the best in terms of fares. It's fare has not been revised so steeply despite the fact that we have seen the phenomenal growth in other essential commodities. May be the government is aware that most of the passengers using sleeper classes are basically from middle income group and any steep rise of the fares as a result of upward revision would affect them considerably.
    While Railways have made substantial loss as a result of spread of corona virus causing them suspending their operations for nearly three months . Such a closure has made Railways a huge loss but bring a government protected organisation, employees have taken care of during this lean phase. Again the Railways offered the needy helps to labours in their migration to their own destinations.
    The Railways would always take care of middle classes and senior citizens providing them suitable concessions to avoid unnecessary financial burden and such a trend will continue even in the upcoming future. Hence loss cannot be leveraged out.

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    There are losses for almost all transport organisations. RTC is also in losses. Almost from March 2020, there are no trains, no buses and no flights and almost for three months no income for these organisations but expenditure is there. This is the main reason for losses. But as a matter of fact buses and trains are for rendering service to the citizens of the country and they should not work for profits.

    Railways are doing very good service and the general class rates are very cheap and affordable to many in the country. Even sleeper class rates are also very cheap. The rates of these two classes are not increased very much. Many poor people always prefer trains over buses even for short distances also. That way we should say that our government is doing a good favour to the poor.

    The year 2020-21 will also be like this only I think. When the problem of the Virus will be over and when life will be normal? No clue. So I think we have to wait for good days only

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    I want to add here that whenever there was a talk about the privatisation of the Railways then there was always a strong opposition wave for that in the country. The simple reason is that the private company would give good service like airlines and would charge high fare which of course would never be acceptable to the general public. Let the fare be minimal and some basic facilities would do - that is our wish and desire. So, Railway cannot become a huge profit earning organisation in spite of having so much scope for that. We are a highly populous and developing country and how the people would travel if we increase the Rail fares.
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