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    Let our Military do its duty. Let not the politicians, media & public interfere in their affairs.

    Let our Military do its duty.
    I think we can come to a settlement with our enemy, but cannot settle with our politicians in the opposition benches. This is not the time for word of fights between the ruling and opposition parties. Instead of questioning the ruling party, the opposition parties should cooperate with the ruling party and suggest means and methods to overcome the border issue. This political party fight would spoil the mood of our men in uniform. Babus should keep away from interfering in Military affairs.

    At this juncture, let our brave officers and men do their duty. Don't demoralize them by questioning unnecessarily. Our military top brasses very well know their responsibilities as to how to safeguard our nation from external aggression. We have a mighty strong defense force. Let them handle the border issue. They know physically what is the LAC. The politicians may be knowing our LAC on papers only, or may not even know what is LAC. Sitting in A/c rooms and talking about border activities is incorrect. Though we have lost a few of our Bravehearts, our military with their might taken many lives of our enemy which has not come to light. Our border is very safe without losing an inch.

    Oh' Politicians of India, Let our Military do its duty. Don't interfere with or demoralize our force. Support them, motivate them, encourage them, rather than questioning them.

    Jai Hind. Jai Jawan.
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    Very good post from the author. It is true that politicians are doing more harm to the nation by their involvement in the affairs of the military and not allowing them to do their duty correctly. The opposition parties should cooperate with the ruling party. The ruling party should take the opposition parties into confidence and discuss the issues with them and see that there is no problem with the independence of the country. But this is not happening.
    Our soldiers are safeguarding the country without caring for their lives and families also. Is it not the duty of the politicians to support them? They should allow the military to act according to the situation. But the government should decide first whether to go for military action or not. Once the decision is taken the matter should be left to the military forces only. then only they can do a good job. The Indian public is having full confidence in the abilities of the military forces and they will be ready to support them at any moment of time.

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    Good post from the author as the armed forces are given the sweeping powers in respect of dealing Nation first and thus our forces are poised to take decisions even without interference from the Prime Minister and his office. In that case how come the Military would tolerate loose talks from the opposition leaders who are talking in favor of opposite nation and even the party supporters are joining the social media war against the forces. India is having the full force, with commendable track record neutralizing the enemies and for that they need not be given suggestions or the leads from anyone. We have to support our brave soldiers who are standing at the border for our safety and every citizen is duty bound to support the armed forces. And those who talk wrong and support other country be jailed for their overtures.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Let the Military do their duty. They are solely responsible to save our nation on the borders. No politician or media or the public knows what is the terrain, and how difficult it is to fight from the high altitude in the chilling cold. We should not ask them how they fought, why they did not have guns, why they did not fire etc, and we should not teach them how to fight.
    Be like an audience in a stadium watching the games, and encourage your team to play well. Cheer them, encourage them, Never try to teach them how they should play the game. Your good cheer would make the team win. The same is the case here. The Military is on their playfield. Others are the audience. Help the injured players and help their families, if you can.

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    Just have a look at the reports about the valour exhibited by our Jawans and know their spirit on our borders.

    Our Army is not sitting and resting idle. They are doing an excellent job. If you take one, we will take two. A proven Indian policy.
    Jai Hind.

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    ''Oh' Politicians of India, Let our Military do its duty. Don't interfere with or demoralize our force. Support them, motivate them, encourage them, rather than questioning them.''

    I fully agree with you that our soldiers who are guarding our boarders from enemies day and night leaving their families at home are 'the real heroes'.

    Will you elaborate:

    * who interfere, demoralize, discourage and question them ?
    * who don't support, encourage and motivate them ?

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    Military follows commands and these commands come from top. In absence of these commands and directions it would not be possible for the military to take up any decision. So it is imperative that there should be a clear and proper way of giving commands from top to bottom and no one should interfere in it. Ultimately it requires that the topmost person in the country who is responsible for the military actions and defence initiatives has to be clear in his mind before passing on any direction. If he is not clear in his mind or delays in taking decisions then sometimes the army might get discouraged and demoralised. So, in such times the top leader and his team has to come out boldly and firmly to take decision and when it is war with the enemy there is no scope for confusions and options. There are certain things and powers which are already delegated to the army time to time and in those cases they do not wait for any direction and take quick actions.
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    The talk and discussion between the political parties, and questioning what is going on in the borders, Why did they not carry arms, or fire their arms, discussing whether we will be able to face China, Is our force strong or week, PM lies, DM lies, EAM lies, General lies etc, itself like interference, demoralizing, discouraging. Let us not discuss any defense issues. There should be no internal fight between politicians on defence related issues. They should not play a blame game now. I said it in general, nothing in particular. My reference was mainly to the Opposition political parties.
    I see many videos appearing on Facebook and Whatsapp where the soldiers speak and request to care for their families. I have never seen any videos appearing in the social media cheering and encouraging the soldiers on our borders saying "Don't worry Jawans. We are here to care for your families. Fight well".

    Soldiers in the border too watch the media and they know what is going around in our country.

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