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    Moving away from Ayurveda; Are we forgetting it ?

    Ayurveda has been a part of Indian medicinal system since the Ramayana and Mahabharata times. When the other systems of medicine including allopathy and homeopathy have not even evolved from that time Ayurveda has been providing us not only proper treatment but also have given cure to many obnoxious diseases.

    But with the advent of allopathy, which is in reality based only on the treatments of Ayurveda, people have slowly but entirely diverted themselves towards it. It is a matter of concern that we have started forgetting our own system of medicine from which the other systems have evolved.
    It is not only sad but also embarrassing that now the new generation has no idea about Ayurveda.
    It is the high time we should take suitable measures in order to prevent the diminishing areas of Ayurveda. Children who have become mad for MBBS should also be taught to start with Ayurveda and help in bringing the influence of Ayurveda to a greater extent.
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    A good thought by the author and it makes sense and is also a way to pay respect to our heritage if we give due recognition to Ayurveda. Our old scriptures are full of Ayurvedic potions and formulations and there are books like Charak-Samhita etc which are a treasure of Ayurvedic information. Some sort of surgery was also popular at that time. So these things were quite developed at that time and were not further taken up by researchers and remained at their stagnant position even on today except that Govt has made one Ayush department for accelerating growth in the area of Ayurveda. By adopting Ayurvedic practices one can increase one's immune system and resistance to ailments and can also avoid falling ill as that is the science of prevention rather than cure. The curing part is a big question mark even on today after so many basic researches done in Ayurvedic field.

    Present day Allopathy and surgery are developed after the advancements in biological sciences and are based on scientific observations. They are curative in nature though there is no cure for many ailments like cancer or liver ailments and many others. Modern day medicines are chemical in their nature and have side actions also. They are not natural like Ayurvedic potions. There is a misconception that they are developed from Ayurveda. It is not so. Some modern medicine doctors have adopted Ayurvedic practices to satisfy the patients where preventive support seems to be working. We must differential between preventive and curative. There is a big confusion and misconception in the minds of many people regarding this.

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    Ayurveda is a science of medicine which is derived from our Vedas. In Ramayana, when Lakshmana was treated with this science and he was saved.

    Unfortunately, Allopathy has become more popular due to its quick action but no one will understand the side effects of these medicines. We take one allopathic tablet and it will cure the problem but it will see that we will have another problem. But Ayurveda is not like that. There are no side effects and once it is cured means it is cured permanently.

    During the 1980s and 1990s, this Ayurveda suffered a lot but now it is regaining its old name and fame. Many people are using these medicines. Many people know about this treatment now. The government is also encouraging this field. They are giving financial support for development activities in this field and that will give a good boost to this.

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    Who said that Ayurveda has been forgotten. In fact it was Congress government which put the Ayush Ministry in cold and not to flourish because it wants to give the big booster to the Alopathy. But under the Modi government the Ayush has got the big boost and even the Corona treatment is done through Ayurvedic method for great success. Over the period of time the people would switch to Ayurvedic treatment because it is affordable without side effect for any disease. And the Ayurvedic medicines are like home remedies for many and the elders are easily connecting to this way of treatment.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    When Allopathy came to India it was new. Ayurveda was old and existing with the people as treatment and cure. It is human weakness to have attraction for something new. Moreover there was dedicated promotion and efforts to install Allopathy and remove Ayurveda from the country. The English focused their efforts to make al native things existing with people as primitive and whatever they brought was popularised as modern.
    In fact, many diseases which appeared later were not known to the people of this country then. Many diseases were brought by the foreigners only. Such diseases were then treated by the 'modern' system and made people to believe that Allopathy has cure for everything. Naturally people fell for that.
    It is now that we clearly know that Allopathy cannot cure most of the illnesses and the medicines given by the modern system actually are like 'solving existing problems but putting forth a new one". The modern medicines caused a lot of side effects.
    The political leaders of new Independent India were also taken over by 'modernism' and they installed Allopathy as the approved medical system in this country. Thus Ayurveda was relegated to care for itself from its death.
    But all our native and ancient wisdom was and is used by westerners and exploited commercially promoting and selling them in a repacked case. Many of our ancient knowledge in this regard were patented by other nations. We became aware quite late, and now trying to salvage whatever is possible

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    The importance of Ayurveda cannot be ignored since recalling up my childhood days, I have seen the curative effects of Ginger, Neem, Aloevera, Pipalli, Sitopaladi Churna etc providing me instant relief. The home remedies prescribed by Grandmother were very effective.
    Even for the diabetic patients, she offered the mixture of powdered Kalaunji and Dalchini in the powdered form in the morning hours in the empty stomach and the results appeared quite encouraging in most of the cases.
    While considering the expenses involved in curing the disease with the Ayurvedic approach, it is quite affordable having no expenses relating to pathological tests. However, the competent Vaidyas undertake the pulse examination to detect the disorder prior to medicinal administration. This system is devoid of side effects unlike the allopathic system.

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    There are many method of treatment of patients, Ayurvedic is one them and this pathy is said to be the oldest method of treating all type of diseases. But in this modern age allopathy has surpassed all other pathies including Ayurvedic, unani and homeopathy as well.

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    Even though there are many fields in science to cure ailments ayurveda is the oldest and can be understood by any laymen even today.

    During olden days when there were no educated doctors as of now, the generations just passed a few medicinal plants information to their grand children. Hence Ayurveda is not lost or forgotten. It starts from the kitchen and acts as a first aid box for any family when situation occurs. This information is well expressed by expert housewives who strive hard in the kitchens most of their days for long hours.
    The discussion to the topic is expressed by stating that Ayurveda is taking a lead, are we following it in our daily life.

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    Many of us just set aside Ayurveda treatment as rubbish but without knowing the essence of the same. Our Ayurveda is oldest one and have contained all sorts of medical technology in it. This can be understand by one who undergo Ayurveda treatment. I took my wife to a famous Allopathic for some treatment (my wife was under Ayurveda treatment for some other health problem then).That famous doctor's husband was also a noted Ayurveda doctor in Tamilnadu, who is no more now. By keeping in mind I told her during consultation about the Ayurveda treatment. She, Allopathic doctor, pushed away all the Ayurveda papers aside and advise us to stop that and follow the Allopathic one.
    I am astonishing about the Ayurveda treatment and the importance of the same when I happened to stay in SDM Ayurveda Hospital, Udupi and met my doctor friend.
    Recently in Mahabharatha telecast in TV, I have seen and noted that:
    Wife of Abimanyu, Uththarai got fainted in the tent. A doctor(vaidhya) asked for to treat her. The vaidhya pin her finger tip with a sharp instrument and take a drop of blood. He drop that blood sample into a silver vessel in which some herbal water filled in. The drop of blood make the water to spread in rounds and got color change. Then the vaidhya told the surrounding persons that Uththarai was in pregnancy stage. It resembles the present pregtest.
    Similar treatments are in Ayurveda Science

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    Thanks to the Author for bringing in the topic. I am sorry to highlight that we can't assume we are moving away from it. It could be that it's your assumption or maybe you have done some research about the topic before posting it.

    I wish you could have shared some stats around the interest of Ayurveda Education and some trends as well.

    As far as I understand the situation, we never moved away from Ayurveda, we use it in our (Indians) daily cooking recipes. We use curry leaves, lavang (clove), dalchin (cinnamon), etc. We are not aware of the results but we are consuming them. We use sago mostly twice a week (it's a gluten-free natural grain) which is rich in zinc. For that matter, we consume Rasam on a daily basis.

    Probably, we are unconscious in knowing what we are consuming and thinking we are avoiding Ayurveda, however, is part of our life already.

    We should aware of how this education can be taken forward to save Ayurveda Science.

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