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    Father, Eclipse, Music, and Yoga - What a day today!

    What a fine day today
    International Father's Day
    The long Eclipse Day
    International Music Day
    International Yoga Day
    It is a lovely FEMY (Father, Eclipse, Music, Yoga) day

    Due to Eclipse, stay at home, do yoga by singing songs and listening to music, and thank your father and spend the day with your father, and/or if you are a father, play with your child(ren).
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    Yes, Today is very special day because today is not only International Yoga Day, International Music Day, and International Father's Day but today is also a celebration of World Motorcycle Day, Selfie Day and Optimism Day.
    But this is a wonderful astronomical phenomenon that solar eclipse is also happening today. That is why we can say that today is really a very special day for us.

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    True. Today is really a special day. So many festivals came on the same day and Solar eclipse also is happening on this day. I even don't that there are so many events like selfie day and optimism day so and so forth. I wish a happy father's day to all the members of ISC on this day and also a happy Yoga day also.
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    It is really a special day as so many things are falling simultaneously. I was not aware about the music day and thank the author for bringing that in this thread. I remember long back we used to have few such days when something was falling on that particular day and we celebrated it. Even if something was there, we were not aware about that. Slowly one by one each day of the year was assigned to some activity or remembrance or occasion and I think most of the 365 slots in a year are already filled up. So, in that situation many days have to be shared now for the future allocation of some such things and we would have this type of situation common when 3-4 things would be falling on the same day. It is interesting to note how each slot is filling up with so many celebrations.
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    Some times many events takes place in single day and today the International fathers day is being observed and all the fathers across the globe are getting the best wishes from their lovable daughters and sons. Father is the pillar of any family and a day dedicating to him is the great thought. And today being an International Music day, the music lovers across the world chose their best vocal, instrumental and songs to be heard and enjoyed the whole day. And today is also the world Yoga day and India has been bestowed with this great day, thanks to PM Modi initiative who prevailed upon the UN to declare this day as the Yoga day for every one to tow the yoga exercise to keep fit. And finally the total solar eclipse has occurred and being the biggest ever solar eclipse period many were stay put to hungry mode for the past eight hours.
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    I just received an interesting message in Whatsapp.

    "Son(Sun) goes missing on Father's Day".

    I really enjoyed it. How better this can be brought out? Everything combined crisp and short.A fine combination of fact,fiction and satire . This may become a viral quote of the day or year.

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    SuN enjoyed your response. Lovely. The author of the quote should be appreciated and awarded.

    No life without Sun

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    It is also a smoothie day and a selfie day. Spare some time on listening to Tamil melodious songs, then and at presentwith your father to enjoy Father's Day. Make a smoothie to relish and get nutrition and energy after completing yoga. Finally take a selfie to record in your memories.
    Solar eclipse can be watched in all the states and countries through the news channels providing the pictures of the Sun continuously but I think nobody took a selfie with Sun today. He became more lovable to moon during the day.
    It was really a wonderful day as we were fully engaged and did not feel bored at all.

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