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    How to get patience while teaching the children?

    It is a common scenario that while teaching the children, the parents get frustrated. This is because the children won't grasp the way the parents teach. Parents try to teach the children once or twice and after that they get irritated and lose patience and start to beat the children. In my opinion, the parent should go to the level of child's age and then start teaching. But it may not be possible with all the parents. We may argue that we should not beat the children, but while teaching the children the frustration automatically comes. How to get patience while teaching the children?
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    Very important post raised by the author which has become the hot topic among the working parents in the present time. In normal days the parents used to give some time for the child to clarify the doubts and help in the school projects. But in the present circumstances, the parent are getting frustrated that the teacher is not seen, no interaction and the child is not connecting to the parents study wise and thus frustration sets in and the child being neglected because the parents have to see their work and office work, the child cannot be looked after for the whole number of classes to be over and thus the child is also getting frustrated for not getting the things clarified. I put the onus on parents must be restrain and be patience and see that the child gets all the doubts cleared because changed session of school online.
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    A teacher should never teach at his level of education. He has to go down to the level of the student and teach him. Then only the student can understand the teachings and appreciate him and learn. Same is the case with the parents when they do teaching to their children.

    A child will never behave the way you wanted. They behave the way they wanted. It is the duty of the parents to see that the child will get attracted to their words and concentrate on them.
    For teaching kids, we require a lot of patience. If we get irritated and start shouting on them, they will never understand your feelings and they will become more carefree. So never lose patience when you are teaching kids.

    These days even in playschools also, teachers use different teaching aids and explain in details to the kids so that the kids will understand the language of the teacher and take interest in what he is telling. These teaching aids will be attractive and the kids will concentrate on those issues.

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