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This thread is the joint winner of the Creative Writing Contest on a school box.
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    The question box- My favourite school box

    "The question box"- yes, this was the name of my favourite box in my school. It was a bright yellow coloured box with a single slit-like opening on the top to drop the questions and a door-like opening in the front to take the questions or answers out. It was just like a post box (if we ignore the colour of it). Every classroom used to have one such box and we can drop a chit of paper with questions to be answered by others. The purpose of such boxes was to answer the questions that students may feel uncomfortable to ask in person. So, most of the questions and even answers were not having any identity.
    It became my favourite box because it gave me a friend in a new school. On my first day in school in class 6th, we were introduced to this box during assembly. Being curious by nature I started dropping questions every day and this was the very first thing I used to do after reaching my classroom. Then before leaving for the day, I used to check whether it is answered yet or not. The sequence of dropping the questions and getting the answers went on and one day I dropped a question about "Test-tube baby". I read this term in a book in the library but could not understand it. Being in class 6th, this question was not answered by anyone and after waiting for 4-5 days, I got a reply, "Contact Dr. Smriti- biology teacher for grade 11th and 12th". I got scared with this reply and kept silent for a week. Then again I checked the box and found a chit with the details about "Test Tube Baby". I was surprised but happy. I wrote, "Thank you" on the back of the chit and dropped it back. The next day, after dropping my question, I checked all the chits and found a reply on my thank you note saying "You are welcome dear". This made me curious to know who is she and I asked the same question in the question box. Although I was not expecting any reply to my surprise I received a reply, "Can we become question box friends?" and I wrote "Yes".
    And even after asking and replying so many questions of each other, we are still "Question box" friends.

    This is my entry for A school box - creative writing contest
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    Excellent write up from the author and the thought was totally different which no one has ever imagined and surely this entry poised for the competition win.
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    A very interesting post from the author. Like chatting these days with new people on social media, they have become friends through question box. I never heard of this question box. I have not seen in any school or college. In high school, we used to go personally and meet the teacher in the teacher's room to get our doubts clarified. Even in university if we are not asking questions in the class we used to go to the chamber of the Professor and ask them the doubts. A novel idea. If it can be implemented in all schools, it may give good results. But some mischievous students may drop all unnecessary papers to irritate the teachers. That point is to be taken care of.
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    The author has caught the clue and ' tip ' given by ME in the announcement thrread correctly.
    So the story is a different one from the usual ones expected.
    I don't have heard about 'Question box' as described in this story. The story is rich with various terms which can serve as keywords too. Over all a professional touch .

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    A well expressed touch on the imagination connecting to school days. This box was never known to be in my school days at all. Hope I too had one.
    During school days there are always friendship and fights between friends. Is such a box was put then there was no need to think of resuming our fights with friends. We could be happy by just receiving replies and asking questions.
    Only in the present days we have mobiles to call our friends and check on any information related to home work at the tip of our finger which was never possible unless we met them personally. I am jealous of this question box as I missed this box, a beautiful friend in my school days.

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    A new concept is given through this contest entry and as many commented, this is new to me. The idea and the concept of having a question box in each class to ask questions which is not easy to be asked in front of others or when we don't want others to know about it. The friendship made through this type reminds us of Pen-pal or pen friends where we would write letters to unknown person and would eagerly wait for their reply. They just remain friends through letters but as technologies changed, the pen-friend concept changed and lost. Thanks for bringing the thought again in our minds and a good entry for the contest.
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    A wonderful writeup and the most interesting part is they remained "Question box" friends. Those days, there was no option to search the queries on the internet and the only option was to ask the seniors or teachers. There are many questions crop up in the minds of the children that remain unanswered until they reach a certain age. The concept of a "Question box" is really awesome and I am sure it served the purpose well to answer many questions, though secretly.

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    This is something new for me - the concept of question box to communicate with each other when one does not want to reveal one's identity. The author has presented it in an interesting way.
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