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    Shyam and his two double-decker food boxes for school

    This is a real-life unusual story of two 'double-decker' food boxes carried to school by Shyam(names of characters changed).

    Shyam was studying in class seven in a school in the city of Mumbai. The school combined traditional values and modern facilities. The school was very particular in that children have sufficient food when coming to school. As the school started very early in the morning children had to bring two food boxes-one for morning snack and the other for lunch. In every parent's meeting, they used to stress this fact and asked mothers to ensure that their children get a sufficient quantity of nutritious food. They discouraged parents from giving their children easy items like some bites and junk food bought from shops. Shyam used to carry a good 'double-decker' box - the top compartment for snacks and bottom compartment for lunch. His mother gave foood prepared by her in variety everyday.

    Teachers or High School class students were asked to watch and monitor students when eating snacks and lunch.They were seeing that one particular student Krishnaraj in Shyam's class was finishing his snacks or lunch very fast. So one day they just opened his snack box before he started and got startled. There were just two dry cold Rotis inside with a couple of raw onion pieces and two green chilies. He used to take one Roti, one chilly, and an onion piece each for morning snack and lunch. Krishnaraj was finding it difficult to contain tears and shame. On calling and enquiring further with his mother, it was revealed how poor they were and how struggling they were. Though there were compulsions to stop schooling for Krishnaraj, they were adamant to get him educated.

    Shyam was witnessing these and he recounted the whole incident to his parents. He wanted to share his food with Krishnaraj. But his mother said no, she would give an extra box with the same food items forKrshnaraj. They consulted Krishnaraj's parents and obtained their concurrence and teacher's permission too.
    So from that day, Shyam used to take two double-decker boxes to school- one for him and one for Krishnaraj. Both became very close friends. After a few months, Krishnaraj's father got a good job and slowly their financial status improved. From class nine Krishnaraj also started bringing his food box with sufficient food. But Shyam and Krishnaraj continue their closeness and shared food.
    To make a long story short, both Shyam and Krishnaraj passed their tenth class exam with very good grades. This story thus ends with Krishnaraj gifting Shyam a special silvery lunch box filled with sweets and both enjoy the sweets and successful result.

    The epilogue is that Shyam still treasures the lunch box gifted by Krishnaraj in his cupboard. This story was narrated by him to this author when asked him about the special box.

    (Story contest entry)
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    A good story from the author. In fact, in our school days, we were using double-decker boxes. But not for snacks. One for curry and rice and the second one with curd rice. Both the boxes we used to complete during lunchtime only. Those tin metal double-decker lunch boxes were available. Many of our friends used to carry similar box only.
    It is very nice that a schoolboy helped one of his classmates by giving lunch daily to him. I feel many children will be like this only. They always want to help their friends. But the atmosphere in the house and the parent's financial position will be the deciding factor in such cases.

    always confident

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    Best wishes to the author for penning down the two double -decker food boxes during the school days which had the options to carry the food separately for the entire session. But we were also having access to such boxes however we felt that we would be teased by the friends that we are eating more and we are also being targeted to have one box for the friends and thus avoided taking such double-decker boxes for the school. However when during festivities we do want to share some special recipes to the friends and at that time the extra box was expected by the friends to relish the recipe which may be wada, dahi wada or even the special curries.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    A touching incident narrated by the author and this incident even I have been told by my sister.
    I do not consider such people as poor who are sending their children to study. They may be financially weak but not poor because they have the courage to fight for the benefit of their children so that they can study and become good citizens of the nation.
    We should be proud of such people indeed.

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

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    During my office time also I used to have double deck tiffin box made of steel. My wife used to give sambar rice in one and curd rice in another. Similar box but with other color was given to my brother. One day on urgency, as my wife planned to move for some bhajan, packed for us early in the morning and went out after saying our lunch pack was ready. My office situated very far from my house and the factory located in remote area where no hotels was there and we have to depend what we bring. On lunch hour I opened the top portion and ate the sambar rice though it found little more soar. When I opened the another part I shocked as it also contained sambar rice. With very difficulty I finished that also by consuming more water. Evening I got the news that my brother got curd rice in both parts. My wife hearing this asked sorry amidst her laughter.

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    When we read any original story or incidents, it brings tears of joy and a feeling of warmth in ourself. The story and the bond of friendship that both characters continued is beautifully scripted. The best and the worth part of the story is of Shyam who was moved by the situation of his classmate Krishnaraj and recounting the whole incident to his parents and Shyams parents who were moved by the incidents and his mother being ready to make an extra lunch-box same to same as his sons but only after obtained the concurrence from Krishnaraj, his parents and school teachers. Their friendship grew from class to college and more and the bond of love keeps them together. A heart touching entry which highlights love, care and affection in children and it blossoms when watered properly with the support of parents, teachers and society.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    A touching story by author. When financial conditions are adverse such things happen in our lives and we feel humiliations in those situations as what other people would think about us. Poverty teaches us many lessons in our lives. In that aspect it is a nice story presented by author.
    Knowledge is power.

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