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    The lonesome keys

    On your keyboard the most frequently tapped keys are, naturally, the alphabets. With more than 100 keys, though, there are many which are unfrequented stopping points or not approached at all. Even among the alphabets, letters like z and x are used once in a while (like in this sentence). At least the the most distant diagonally top one, namely, q, is used when we type quite and quiet. Then there are the numbers. Over here at ISC, we use them when referring to statistical data in a forum thread or the number of vacancies in a job post. I don't use the number keys to the right of my hand, though. but the ones on the top row. I also use the arrow keys to scroll up and down the screen.

    Which are the most lonesome keys on your keyboard?
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    From the Top row - I use only the keys 'esc' 'delete' 'home' and 'end'
    from the figure row -I use all the keys except the extreme left key before fig 1. that is ` & ~
    From the third row - I hardly use 'tab' { } {[] | \
    From the fourth row - I use all
    From the fifth row - I use all
    From the bottom row - I use all except 'fn' ( I do not know what it is)- I want someone to explain what is 'fn' and its use.

    I don't use the extreme right figure keys.

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    On my keyboard, there are many keys which never use and in fact, I don't know the use of some keys. There is a key with an aeroplane figure on it. So far I never used it and I even don't know what for it will be used. As mentioned by the author I very rarely use number keys. Above the numerical numbered keys there are many keys with some figures and symbols. I don't know the usefulness of those keys and I never used them. F5 I use for going to full screen during PowerPoint presentations.
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    Some of the keys are not used as we never require them while some are used rarely. In my case the keys which I do not use or rarely use are -
    ~, !, ^, |, }, {, ], [, ;, ALT, option, fn etc.
    At the same time there are some which I use frequently and they are -
    all the letter as required, <, >, ?, /, :, @, #, (, ), *, &, %, -, +, =, ', " etc.
    Some people know the short cut keys and remember and use them often so they are using the Control, fn, ALT, option keys also frequently.

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    What I feel that the keys on the top most except the f1 key I do not use any other keys and in fact feel that f2 to f`12 are waste keys on my keyboard. Even I am more comfortable in using the number keys on the top of the alphabets but never used the number keys present on the right side. But I have found that the bankers are using the number keys present on the right side and never saw using the numbers present on the top of the key board. Likewise five other keys beside the back space key are not used by me and found no use of them. May be I am ignorant of these keys and their functions.
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    My laptop's keyboard now has distinct marks on the most used keys. Vowels are the most used ofcourse. I do use number keys a lot, because I have calculations to do. I think Q is one of the least used words too. Q doesn't have much significance in any language. It's a specific word used only in specific scenarios today. I use shift keys more than caps lock. Num lock and scroll lock are vestiges. I don't use function keys as well.
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    Dear All,
    Can anyone explain about "fn" key?

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    I noted that some of you do use many of the symbols, especially I am sure in a password.

    Dr Rao - Your response mentioned the key with the aeroplane image. You could read this informative article:

    Aditya - what you said is true, about keys getting marks on them after constant use. I remember one of our early laptops which were shared by everyone had the keys completely coming out after a couple of years and we were literally tapping the little rubber in the spaces there!

    I wonder if any of you know the first upper symbol on the second row of keys ~ I used it here at ISC a number of times and it was here that I came to know that this symbol is Tilde.

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    Though there were none to respond to my question on 'fn' key, I learned it by googling it. "fn' key is the function key used with the keys F1 to F12, to facilitate the use of additional keys that cannot be provided due to space constraints, to increase brilliancy, reduce brilliancy etc.
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    I don't think I have ever used the keys on the extreme right of my keyboard that includes the numbers. The keys which I rarely use (or might not have used at all) are the Tab, Esc, Start, Screen lock and Pause/ Break keys.

    I could not find the key with the aeroplane image or the letters fn on my keyboard. They must be new additions.

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