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    How one can come out of fear?

    Many of us will have a fear for something or other. Some people will have a fear of Dog. Some will have a fear of examinations. This fear slowly develops anxiety and lead to health problems.

    If a person having a fear of Dog while walking if he sees a dog he can't walk and he will become nervous and he will never go to the houses where pet dogs are there.

    A student who has a fear of examinations will be always fearing about his examinations. He may be thinking about the examinations only and he can't concentrate on his studies. Ultimately he may fail in his examinations.

    How one can come out of this fear. I feel somebody should force them to face that situation for which they have a fear, without any support. Then they may come out of this fear. What are the suggestions of the members on this issue?
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    Having fear of something is a natural attribute but the reason of fear would vary from individual to individual. If we go into the anatomy of fear then it is believed that when we suspect some harm or humiliation to us due to some external entity then we start having a fear towards that particular thing. A student might fear his teacher thinking that he would ask him a question which he would not be able to answer. A subordinate mitt fear his boss thinking that he would bang him for some failure in delivering a task. Similarly there are many situations where a person might fear of something. For coming out of the fear a person would require support of the fellow beings and courage to face the realities of life.
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    I too had some fears during my school days. I could not see the blood if there was a minor accident in the school premises. It was the science subject lessons related to blood which provked me. I made up my mind one fine day to come me out if this problem and start to step up new strategies. I would look at blood of animals first and then slowly shifted to humans.
    It is always better for a student to learn time management skills and plan the study time related to exams.
    Similarly one has to understand his or her weakness and has to work on it to make it the major strength rather than continuing with the fear. Continuing of such fears leads to stagnant career but considering leads to string stones of success.

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    Fear is one of the natural physiology of body. In simple way we can say that it is just like laughing, crying, anxiety and so on. It can overcome only when we try to understand
    the real cause of fear. If we study the anatomy of fear then find out it starts only when people suspect lot of harm from it for e.g student might have fear of examination because he would suspect to be fail. Similarly, some people may be fearing from street dog because it would bite him. Thus, there are many reason where person might be fearful. For overcome of fear person should courage and make feel positivity towards it.

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    During my childhood I was having the fear of dogs and never venture to those places where the dogs are present and likely to attack. Even I would wait for others to accompany to surpass the street dogs sitting on our way. But one day my father scolded me that because of dog fear I am postponing things required for the house and being a boy I need to discard the fear and proceed brave in front of the dogs no matter they may bark or charge in. He told me one secret that dogs would be barking for their safeguard and may not bite in general unless and until you harm them. That lesson got me into my mind and started walking with confidence in front of the dogs. Initially the dogs used to bark and even follow me but I was not giving credence to them and thus over the period of days the same dogs started wagging the tale as if they know me since many days.
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    It is said that the best way to come out of fear is to face the fear. And that is the fact. As long as we don't gather the courage and face what we fear, the fear will keep growing and will reach a stage where we cannot come out from it. It is not an easy task and we may need the assistance or guidance of people around us. Even then, it would be ultimately the way we tune our minds that matter. Suppose we hear some weird sound at night. If we pull over our bedsheet over our face and keep wondering what the sound is or from where it is coming, the fear in us will keep growing and give way to many unwanted thoughts and imaginations. But at the same time, if we gather some courage and put on the lights and try to find the origin of the sound, our fear will vanish (at least reduce) and we can sleep peacefully. So, it is very important to try and understand the cause of fear and put in efforts to overcome that fear. It is no doubt a psychological issue and we may need medical assistance too in some cases but do not fear fear would be a welcome policy.
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