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    Why India facing sudden enmity from all sides of borders?

    Previously we were having face offs and confrontation only with Pakistan and we have taught them a lesson with surgical strikes. But they wont mend their ways and still creating problems with violating ceasefire on the borders attacking the civilians. Likewise Nepal is also readying its force at the Indian border for their unilateral decision of including some Indian territory. And we know China has created the unwanted intrusion at the LAC and we have punished the PLA. Why the countries are creating problem for India suddenly when we are actually fighting the pandemic war?
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    India is a peace loving country and has got a reputation of that in the global circles. It is developing ahead in a fast pace and recently has taken measures to strengthen its military might also. All these things are a matter of jealousy and concern in the eyes of the neighbouring countries and on some pretext or other they would try to create problems for India and create impediments in its progress. This is like neighbours pulling the legs of a successful person amid them in the society. I think there is nothing to worry in that and we have to learn lesson from the countries like Israel as alone it is fighting with so many enemies around. Once we give a lesson to one of them others would become silent. We never offend but sometimes offence is better than defence.
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    If we have unnecessary confrontations with our neighbours it is the indication of their excess jealousy due to our rapid developments on all fronts. It was only Pakistan attacking aggressively crossing the cease fire lines violating the cease fire on the boarder but surprisingly our two neighbors China and Nepal too joined in the destabilstion of our security with the unnecessary build up military forces. This is the indication of their ill intentions of inciting war in some pretext on the other.
    At this moment, we do have our own problems especially tackling the issue of COVID 19 but their conditions in this respect are not satisfactory either. They have some other ulterior motives to defame India if wars are launched simultaneously with our neighbours. However, our principle is to diffuse the tension with the conducive talk with our neighbors and perhaps this is the best way to tackle the present issue. On the other side, in case of failure of such talks, we should go ahead with the war so that our neighbours could know our tough stands as well.

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    China is our enemy always. That is why they are encouraging Pakistan and Pakistan is trying to irritate us thinking that China will give all possible help. Now China is also directly coming out and trying to irritate India. I think the role of China is there in the attack decision of Nepal. Otherwise, Nepal is our friendly country and we have good relations with them. China is only doing all these. Their policy is to support all our neighbours to see that we will concentrate more on defence activities and we will not concentrate on developmental activities. The only country in the world which can give a tough competition for them is India only. So they want to see that India will not develop as expected if the neighbours create them problems.

    But India is not a weak country to succumb to their pressure tactics. Definitely, we will teach them a lesson. India is not going to accept anybody's interference in their matters. Countries lick USA, Russia and Japan are going to support in defence activities if we want. Our military is also becoming strong and I hope they can teach a lesson to China.

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    There is a Communist government in Nepal. It is no surprise that it will dance to the tunes of China as we have seen some of our own Communist leaders supporting the views of China. Now, China is confronting India to divert the attention of the World from pointing a finger towards China regarding Corona virus. At the same time, China thinks when MNCs try to move out of China, they should not go to India. This can be achieved only when you create disturbance in India. So, we should be careful. Instead of going for a war, we, as citizens of India, first try to avoid Chinese goods. This may not affect the Chinese economy much now but since India has a large consumer base, it will surely affect its economy in the long run.

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    I think it is a conspiracy planned by China to send the Corona ahead to make the countries weak, and then invite them to fight to intrude and expand their size. They played a drama to tell the world that they too suffered from the virus attack. They spread the virus and contained it with no much deaths. Pakistan also wants to get Kashmir back through Chinese action. This is what I can understand.

    Many political experts used to say "Never believe Chinese". That has been proved now.

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    The world thrives on the principle of 'Enemy of my enemy is my friend". Pakistan is our enemy China is our enemy. So Pakistan joins enemy of its enemy China. It is easily understandable. In fact it was George Fernandez who clearly and openly identified China as our real threat. He initiated certain eforts to checkmate China.

    In Nepal it is a Communist government. They will have a natural leniency towards Communist China. Personally I feel that in Nepal's case our Governments did not have proper vision and magnanimity to pamper them and keep them in our fold. Just as we need Bhutan in our side we also need Nepal in our side as loyal friend and partner always. So instead of being too strict we could have played a pampering parent to them. What I feel is our blocking of fuel to Nepal sometime ago has really angered them. That situation was very cleverly exploited by China who was just waiting for an opportunity. India took Nepal for granted and failed to cultivate leaders and arties in our favour.

    Dalai Lama could not be depende now for Tibetan support as he is now just a symbolic support. We cannot expect any real help from Tibetans across border now as China has totally subdued Tibetans.
    Now it should be our efforts not to send Myanmar ad Bangladesh to China' trap.

    But more than all this what I worry is the inimical Indian media who are well influenced by other interests.
    India has to believe only in itself. Even US sees only its interest. Probably Israel can be the most dependable friend for us now and we can dependent on a few Gulf nations too. They may not come in the open against China, but will give all moral and background support to India.

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    India is a peace loving country and it has no intention of having enmity with its neighbours or any other country and this policy of our country is known worldwide. Problem comes when some country unnecessarily starts aggression on us just to satisfy its expansionist policies. No country would tolerate such aggression and India is no exception. I think today India is in a very strong position as regards to its military and other strategic war planning and if there is a need it would answer the enemies in a proper and lesson teaching way. So, let there be many enemies we would treat them in an appropriate reciprocative way.
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