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    Remembering an event from my childhood days.

    Dear All,
    After celebrating Father's Day, I thought of sharing an event from my childhood days.

    "When I was a Little boy
    My family went to a photoshop
    There I saw a wooden horse
    I wanted to ride it for joy

    My father put me on the horse to ride
    And all got ready for a shot with pride
    When the photographer said 'steady' before click
    I yawned,
    The camera did the trick, not to miss a click.

    Such natural photographs are very rare
    Feeling proud and happy to share."

    Photo attached.
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    Such memories are very pleasant. Those days in our life will never come back. No problems and only enjoying life is the speciality of childhood. Those memories will be always in our mind and whenever we remember those happenings automatically smile will come on our face.

    I have two sons and We decided not to have any more. But we have a fancy for a female child. So one day we dressed our second son when he is 3 years as a girl and took him to a study and taken some photographs. Those photos are there in our living room even today.

    Then my elder son also wanted to have a special photograph. We dressed him in Police dress and took a photograph.
    That is also available with us. When we show that girl photo to my granddaughter she laughs and says Baba in girl's dress. Such memories are also good for us.

    always confident

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