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    Share your views about compulsory military training in our country

    India is a populous country and is surrounded strategically by so many countries which are in the competition with India in many areas of trade and commerce. We might be a peace loving country but when the neighbours are offending can we keep quiet? I strongly feel that we should have a compulsory military training for the students after completing their graduation or diploma or any such qualification (after passing their 10+2), for at least one year and then they can go for PG or M.Tech. or any other higher qualification. This should be made mandatory and any job in private or Govt sector would be available only after that. If we can do that then our military might would increase manyfold and any country would think twice to see towards us with offending thoughts. There are many questions which would come in this aspect like whether it would be compulsory for the girls also or some handicapped children but those exemptions can be worked out. Do you agree with such a proposal to go ahead for compulsory military training not only to strengthen ourselves but also to inculcate a sense of discipline in the younger generation. I would even extend it further to the elders also who want to voluntarily go for such training if they are given a chance to do so may be up to an age of say 40 or 45 years. What is the opinion of the members? Please share.
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    Recently we had a thread on military training to all citizen. Now it is for the students. Then many young people are not going to schools and colleges. We should aim all the young people who are not in studies., How to train them is also a question. It is good if this concept is introduced in a trial mode, we can see how far it is useful.

    During our studies in high schools, we used to have NCC and Scouts and Guides moment also. All most all students used to participate in any one of these two. But due to the emergence of these private schools and corporate schools, this practice is stopped. But if it is reintroduced that will be helpful in giving military training for them.

    The government can also say that all the employees in government or private organisation should undergo this training so that organisations will send their employees in batches

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    Even if some beginning is made in this direction, we can slowly train more and more people.
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    We have a big population in our country and in such a condition such an ambitious plan in order to safeguard our country and increase its inherent strength is not an easy thing to implement. Govt would have to ponder much before introducing such a gigantic scheme.
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