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    Political leaders are responsible for the status quo in the country

    I am feeling frustrated and disappointed after watching a video of forces in a pool of blood, wreathing in pain, looking for help while others try to console and relieve them, appears to be from  Ladakh. Forces are, no doubt, to protect borders and prevent enemies from snatching peace of the country. But seeing the video, I feel aching that they have been pushed into this escalation unnecessarily which, I feel, could have been avoided. At times, it is the political leaders who need to act more cautiously to avoid any conflict and save lives at the borders. If leaders always look for the vote bank politics or try to over smart others ignoring the national interest, it may spoil the peace of the country. It may prove risky and dangerous for the country. Leaders are more responsible for the integrity of the country. They can protect the lives of the soldiers and the people of the country by their strong policies which are nowhere seen in the country. You can't always throw it on the soldiers to fight only to get killed and then deny any incursion from a foreign state. Sometimes, leaders have to fight it by their mature leadership and robust policies to maintain peace and prosperity for the residents of the nation.
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    Yes. The government should maintain good relations with other countries and see that they will get support from those nations when a need arises. If there is any conflict between countries, the friendly countries should come and say they will support so and so nation. That will make the other country to take a back step in going for a war. Now, when there is an indication of trouble between India and China, some countries openly gave statements indicating that they will support India. Definitely, these statements will make China think about their action.

    At the same time, it is also the duty of the government to see that the soldiers are having all the required tools and weapons to fight with other countries. They should be able to procure reliable items which will give an edge to them over the rivals. If the government is not successful in their duties, definitely soldiers will suffer.

    But soldiers are always at risk due to the nature of their job. They have to sacrifice all comforts and their family also in rendering service to the mother country.

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    India is known to be a peace loving country and our history vouches for that. We would not be doing any offence on other countries and if there are issues we believe in resolving them through talks only. But what we should do when someone offends us and attacks on our borders. I think then there is no other way except to fight back. Same thing is happening now.
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    Yes what the author said is right. On some national issues, the political will across the all parties must prevail and no one should pass the remarks on the pride and valor of our armed forces. But Congress party and its leaders are passing remarks on the Modi govt for handing the border issue badly. In fact It was Congress which made the intrusion facility to China by having a pact in 2008 which was now made public. And for the first time the former PM Manmohan Singh chose to question the government. Everybody should know that at present India is passing through varied challenges and three countries are posing border issues with their own versions and India needs to take action in consultations with opposition parties and that need to be done but Pro- China statements would prove beneficial to that country only.
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    Please discuss this point in this thread about allowing the forces to do their duty.
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