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    Advising others is easy but receiving advise is good for us

    We see many around us simply advise us but at that time we may feel sullen. But the advise we received unexpectedly from even ordinary person got good value.
    My friend told this:
    She booked for gas cylinder and waiting for the delivery. She used to keep the empty at the entrance of the house to ease the delivery person. On that day the delivery man came and download the cylinder from his tricycle and kept the new one at the entrance and he was collecting cash from her. At that time her husband came in his two wheeler and parked his vehicle near the cylinder. The delivery person told her husband to keep his vehicle outside for sometime and then to keep inside and advised not to park the vehicles near any gas cylinder as the possibilities of leakage of petrol and got inflammable.
    On hearing from her we got alert and I told my house persons to keep this in mind.
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    Yes. We get good suggestions from normal persons only. The person who is dealing with a particular item or operation or duty will know more about that and his suggestions related to that subject will always be very useful.

    When I was working in the manufacturing industry we used to face some problems in the process. To have a better understanding of that problem I used to talk to the person who is directly working on that equipment or at that place in the process. I used to get more inputs from them. Those inputs used to give me the ways to solve the problems also. If we simply go by the words of the seniors we may not be able to understand the problem correctly and to arrive at a correct remedy may take more time.

    So we should analyse the suggestion but not the person who gave it. Many people will give many suggestions but we should think properly and use the correct suggestion.

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    The main thing is to follow the advice. Different people advise us on various things but many times we fail to follow such advice. It's true that many of us like to advise others but when it comes to following advice many of us do not follow them diligently. This happens in our daily lives and at times many think that there is no need to follow the advice of certain people thinking they do not know much about it. You must be tired of receiving a number of advice on various issues but you need to judge the situation to understand which one is suitable for you at that moment. For anything particular, maybe health, technical issues or finance we take an expert's advice on the issue. We get to know about such experts from various sources but there are many things for which there is no such specific expert and any person dealing with the issue continuously can give good advice. The advice of the delivery man mentioned in the thread is one such and since he is dealing with gas cylinders he is instructing the consumers about the safety precautions one must take. Suppose you are visiting a new place and do not know much about the place and its surroundings. You can get good advice from the people living in that place rather than from someone who never went there. There will be advice from various corners but we need to weigh the options to find the suitable one before following them.

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    Yes, many people have the practical knowledge and wisdom by experience. Such wise advice has to be obeyed and followed.
    We often neglect or overlook some precious precautions either due to ignorance or due to ego. It is always better to err on the positive side.

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