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    School box remembered my seventh standard

    We did not have any box though many students brought aluminium boxes keeping books and tiffin box inside but ours were only cloth bags. Many friends of mine brought aluminium boxes in different colors. It was in my seventh standard. Myself, Ranganathan and Sekar are the three sat together in the class, that too in the first bench only. Among us Ranganathan used to have an aluminium box from his house. We three used to take lunch also. Once as there was some whitewashing in the class room, all of us asked to sit in the play ground corner and teachers took class there only for three days. One day, we three sitting in the ground class. Ranganathan kept his box opened and take notes from the teaching very seriously. In the evening when the classes over we three about to got up from the ground after most of the students started. Ranganathan could not lift his box as it weighted more. Another friend Pandiya Velayutham, who sat next to Ranganathan laughed and ran out. Puzzled we three opened the box and shocked to see that the box was filled with small small stones from the ground sand. This was the naughty work of that Pandiya velayudham, we realized. After draining the stones from the box we went home. Next day when we asked Pandiya velayudham he laughed again. We ourselves did not take up this matter seriously as we can play like this only the student life.
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    Good story from the author. Generally, this type of incidents will be happening in schools. When we think about those issues afterwards we will feel happy and smile will be there on our face. Such are the days of student life.
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    The author has brought the on going naughty way of school life and how his colleagues used to fool each other with their school box an bags proved that nothing can beat the enjoyment of school life.
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    Our school time childhood stories are very interesting and author has shared one such incident here. When we grow up these memories become a part of our lives and we can cherish them time to time.
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    Small-small mischiefs and naughtiness were the things that give every child that best memories for life. The time we fell in class or ground, the way we climbed trees to pluck mangoes, guavas, etc, the little fights that we had with friends over petty issues, drenching or playing in the rain, writing on the bench or walls, climbing the school wall and bunking classes, etc. Now when we think of that gone days, we may have a smile but the pastings and shouting that we received from parents, teachers, relatives and the punishment for each and everything and the days we cursed. Are it the same way we look at it, No! that days are the best memories and we want to live that life again doing small and petty mischiefs and enjoying even the caning of teachers, etc. If we have not done these little things, what fun did we have, is it not what makes us children and live life with a smile on our face.
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