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    Rice or tortilla : include in diet wisely

    Diet must be properly planned and food must be included wisely in the diet. It's not at all necessary to prefer a nutritionist to plan a diet chart. We can make our own diet chart with better choice of food. Rice and tortilla are consumed by majority of the human population. Many people are of the opinion that tortilla are more nutritious and effective compared to rice. Many people consume rice in large quantity compared to tortilla. I believe that each and every individual must consume rice or tortilla depending upon the metabolism level and keeping a check on the calorie count.
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    Here the author has been referring to the wheat chappathi ,which is common word for tortilla. The South Indians are most fond of rice and rice variety food. Being the rice producing states, all the four states have maximum consumption of rice and it tastes good. In our home also the the lunch or even the morning breakfast has the rice ingredients like Idly or Dosa . We do make wheat flour based phulka or Chappathi and that would be during the dinner time. But the satisfaction of having eaten comes through the rice and not from the Chappathi which cannot make the stomach full for the desired people.
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    The choice must be individual but we must have a balanced diet in our everyday lives. Most of the things that we eat have nutritional value but that must be consumed in a limit. As long as one is having a balanced diet and not taking anything in excess a strict diet chart is not essential. Along with a proper diet, physical exercise is also necessary. Avoiding junk items and eating healthy with some daily exercise can help us to stay fit.

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    Rice and wheat are mainly starch products only. Consuming more quantity of either wheat or rice will not give you the required energy. So we have to take vegetables and other items like dals so that we will get required nutritious food also. Generally, many people take one time rice and in night chapatis. Sides dishes will be vegetables or non-vegetarian dishes and dals. We have to consume fruits also and leafy vegetables also. Then we will have balanced food. Generally, our eating plate should always have different food items like dals, fruits, vegetables. leafy vegetables and a little rice or one or two chapatis. That will give us a balanced diet.
    Oily foods are not good for health and junk food is also to be avoided. Never go for refined oil. Using oils from natural items like coconut, groundnut etc are good for health. Milk and milk products are also good for health. Some exercise daily is also good for maintaining good health and physique.

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    As our members have suggested a plate mixed with rice, dal, chappathi, vegetables in the form of curry and a few fruits are a part of balanced diet. Consuming lukewarm water is an essential element which stimulates digestion.
    The foods we eat should be well cooked and to be consumed on time. Late-night meals and unhealthy lifestyle also can have a drastic effect on health even when a balanced diet is consumed. One of my friend has a few suggestions to avoid late-night meals, to improve your eating habits and keep you healthy.

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    Balanced meal would consist of enough carbohydrate, protein and other essential minerals to nourish the body. Hence ensure that apart from taking rice or chapatis made from wheat, we need to have sufficient green vegetables, salads, lentils and some amount of healthy fats such as addition of cow ghee in our lentils. We must not overdo while taking foods and intake of foods beyond a limit would add fat all along the body. This can be seen in the belly region as well and such accumulation of fats invite numerous health disorders.
    Food intake must be nutritious including healthy items but in moderate quantity. To have a better digestion , water intake must follow one hour later after the meals so as not to disturb the digestion process. Dinner must be light and has to completed by 9 pm so that we can retire to our bed by 11pm without disturbing the digestion process. Digestion process remains slow in night as such heavy meals are to discarded.

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    Rice and wheat are main staple foods in our country and both are required for a balanced diet. Individual liking might decide whether a person takes more rice or more wheat but generally people would take them in some proportion. Rice is having more carbohydrate while wheats have less carbohydrate and wheats are more nutritious than rice. In some places it is common to have rice in one meal and wheat in other meal on the same day. I personally prefer wheat over rice. Of course there are so many recipes derived from rice and wheat and that can also be tried time to time to change taste.
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