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    Does hard work outs at gym increase the immune system?

    The lone BJP MLA from Telangana Raja Singh has shared a video of him going through the hard work outs at the gym and even asked the public to do the same to ward of virus or any other disease. Actually one of his gunman was tested positive and that forced every member of the MLA to go for voluntary check up of Covid 19 and proved to be negative. He said in the video that if every one follows the good work out coupled with right food, the immune system would increase and no virus could enter the body. Is that so ?
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    I do not think that only attending gym would increase our immune system. Fo strengthening the immune system there are many things required right from good food habits to lack of mental stress in one's life. Anyway, gym is also a positive activity and benefits tom it would also accrue.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Even though immunity system can be increased with the ingestion of some herbs such as Tulasi, Aloevera, Amlaki, Guduchi, Curcumin, Lemon, Ginger etc but how far it will be effective for the corona virus cannot be ascertained. However we must follow the natural rules to enhance our immunity with the several approaches. Physical exercise is essential in the sense that it helps in boosting up our metabolism providing us good digestion and elimination of toxins from our body system.
    There are instances that people having stronger immunity have not been affected with the virus but the aged people especially suffering from Blood - pressure , Diabetes or Kidney ailments are more susceptible to this virus. Compromised immunity results from life style disorders and hence immunity booster herbs followed by regular exercise would go a long way to tackle even corona.

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