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    Mother Gifts a Magical Mind Box on First Day of School

    Malhar was very happy today. Why? It was 16th of June, his first day of school, he would step in 5th grade class today. But, that was not the only reason for his happiness. The main reason behind his fountain of excitement was the gift he will get today from his darling Mom.

    He still remembered the finger crayons he got on the first day of Jr.KG. Nor did he forgot the sparkling water bottle he got on Sr.KG. This "First Day Of School" gifting has never stopped. Malhar anxiously waited for the gift from his Mother this year too.

    "Mumma, what is it this time?", excited Malhar asked his Mother. Deepti smiled and said, "Now you are a grown up, so the gift is special. Very very special !!". Deepti took her Prince's hand in her hand. "Look son, till now I have been giving you things that you could use for a year or two. But this time it is a treasure box, which you may use for your whole life."

    Malhar's ears listened to his Mom, but his eyes were searching for the gift!

    Seeing his increasing excitement, Deepti quickly went into the study room and returned with a violet color big box in her hand. Guessing from the size of box Malhar shouted, "Oh, wow, mom , is it the same pair of sports shoes i was checking out in the Mall?" Deepti just nodded a "No".

    Malhar quickly opened the box. Looking at what was inside, he frowned. To his surprise Deepti had gifted him an "EMPTY" box.

    Deepti talked soothingly, "Malhar, beta this box is going to help you several years from now. This is a "Magical Mind Box". To see its magic you will have to charge it up with some positive energy. Before using a mobile you have to charge it with electricity, it works the same way."

    "How do I charge it Mom? And how would this box help me after charging it? And where is the charger pin?", Malhar poured his questions one after another.

    Deepti started explaining calmly, "Beta, you charge this "Magical Mind box" with your own positive thoughts, your own positive memories and your own achievements." Malhar was stunned but he was getting curious now.

    Malhar listened carefully, as his mother continued to explain, "From this day, we will start charging this box. We will keep all your medals and certificates in this. We will keep hardcopies of your valuable photographs here. And most important, whenever you feel very happy about anything, you will write a short note on paper and keep that note in this box."

    "But, what if I don't find anything good to write about?", Malhar inquired. "That's the fun about this box, beta, you will have to start seeing the good side of life.", Deepti answered his query.

    "I still don't understand Mom.", said Malhar.

    "Okay, let me help you", said Deepti. "Do any of your friends get a gift for passing the lower grade or on the first day of higher grade?" Malhar answered, "No".

    "See, you got your first note to charge the box.", said the mother with sparkling eyes. Malhar smiled and rushed to get the paper notepad. He wrote, "My mom gifted me on the 1st day of school every year. Finger crayons in Jr.KG. Water bottle in Sr.KG. A magic slate in 1st standard. A toy computer in 2nd grade. Harry Potter story book in 3rd Standard. And in 4th grade she gave me an animal and birds encyclopedia." Mother and son giggled happily and put that not in the "Magical Mind Box".

    "But Mom?", Malhar's curious mind still had some questions. "How and when this box will help me?"

    "Whenever you need help. This Magical Mind Box will surely help you.", Deepti said assertively, "Whenever you are sad about anything just open up this box. This "Magical Mind Box" will make you happy instantly. God bless you my child. Now hurry up, get ready for school."


    Years passed by, Malhar was charging his "Magical Mind Box" regularly. There came a day when he would actually use the magic stored in the box.

    NEET results were declared and Malhar missed the top medical college admission list just by 2 marks. He felt so low that he didn't eat lunch and locked himself in the study room. After an hour of killing silence in the house, Deepti walked to the study room and said, "Malhar beta, you need some magic now. Please open the "Magical Mind Box". Let's talk once you feel better with the Magic."

    Malhar obeyed his mother. He opened the "Magical Mind Box" which he kept charging since his school days. "Oh my God !! I have won so many medals. Mom and Dad were so happy when I won the Gold medal in the National Science Olympiad.", Malhar exclaimed proudly. The very moment he also felt shameful about the suicidal thoughts coming in his mind for not getting admissions in Mumbai top medical college. He whispered, "God, thank you so much for the best Mom in the world."

    At night, the whole family happily discussed his education plans on the dinner table.

    A month later, Dad was helping Malhar to put bags in the cab for going to the Airport. Malhar secured admission in Bangalore Medical College. Malhar's parents gave him loads of love and blessings for his future studies. Along with the dreams about a new chapter in his life, Malhar also carried his mother's love and the "Magical Mind Box".

    This is an entry to A school box - creative writing contest.
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    A write up effort to give self confidence when one is on t edge of losing it due to some failure.
    Just as a movie the first part goes as an easy reading and second part is the real twist of the story. Though I was having some guess how the story will end, I was eager to read till end to know the particular incident which would need reference o the Magic Box.

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    A good story from the author. The story says how positive thoughts will help a person and how they will help us to get confidence. Many times we will get into depression. Those times we have to refresh ourselves with positive thoughts so that we will get the energy required for attaining the goal. Nicely narrated story from the author.
    always confident

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    This is really a unique story presented by the author. The concept of a magical mind box is something new and it is taking us to metaphysical levels. It is difficult to inculcate such things in the tender mind of a child but it has worked in this case.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The concept and the thread of the story were interesting and motivating. The flow was apt and kept readers glued to it and was keeping the curiosity high so as to find what and how the story would end. I liked the answer from Malhars mom Deepti saying, "That's the fun about this box, beta, you will have to start seeing the good side of life." There is always a time when we focus on the negatives or what we lacked, we missed and lost but we never ever think about everything that we have, we are blessed with and are fortunate to have whereas many don't even get this opportunity. We have a home to live, loving parents and siblings who are always at our side, clothes to wear, getting a good education, we are pink of health, enjoying movies, have food on the table, etc and many are suffering or are starving even for a days meal, a place to sleep, clothes to wear, etc. Let this story stimulate every reader and help them to cope up in their life.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    I am very thankful to Mr.Venkiteswaran, DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao, Neeru Bhatt and Mr.Varghese for taking your precious time to read and appreciate.

    In real life my son's name is malhar. So, in this story i tried to weave my feelings. I am really very glad that you likes my effeorts.

    Life is God's Gift !! Appreciate Life !! Thank you Universe !!

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    It took days for me to open your magical mind box to see what is in it. Great, it has something different than many things we think in life. Good to see your good efforts to create a magical box. I think of having my own magical mind box now.

    No life without Sun

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    It is a great honour for me, if someone benefits after implementing my concept of "Magical Mind Box".

    This story was written for the school box story writing contest. But, i feel your wish to create your own magical mind box is REAL reward. Thank you so much.

    Life is God's Gift !! Appreciate Life !! Thank you Universe !!

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    The innocence of the child is captured and us nurturing him in his future. I too have a good collection of small tits and bits some in my memory and some hidden safe in corners. This idea will bring everything together.
    Lead the leader

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