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    What will you do in such a situation?

    You bought a new car. To enjoy the driving pleasure, you took out the car and went for a long ride on a jungle route. You forgot to carry your mobile. Due to driving joy, you never gave attention to the fuel indicator. Your car came to a halt suddenly without any fuel. You saw the fuel meter to see 'E'. You managed to self push your car to the side; parked it; locked the door; walked to a nearby Petrol bunk to fetch petrol. On your way, someone gave you a lift. You reached the petrol bunk. Bought petrol in a can after explaining the situation. Hired auto and reached your car. It took about one hour for you to return to your car.

    When you returned to your car, you found your car's front left wheel missing. The car's left front was down on the ground. Some mischievous driver who came on that route has robbed it during your absence. Now your car has only three wheels. It is about to be sunset. What will you do? How will you reach home? with the car or without your car? If you leave the car and go home, you will lose the car.

    The best answer will be suitably awarded.
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    So, you want to reach home in that case. Since your car has now three wheels and damaged, you won't be able to drive it back to your home and moreover you do not have a mobile phone with you to ask for any help. Since someone gave you a lift on seeing your condition and also you hired an auto-rickshaw to reach your car in the beginning it is not a desolated place. In the same way, you can ask others to help you in that situation. Wave at a car and tell your problem. I hope they will do something for you.

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    The nearest petrol bunk is not very far off. The vicinity has sufficient traffic. So you /me can start walking to the bunk again and is possible to get an auto or vehicle and get help of mechanic or some alternative. You can use phone from the petrol bunk and inform your home. The same way you can get needed help. So it is not that much big issue.

    But the first thing to be done after reaching home is to think of disposing the 'unlucky new car'. Take the owner's horoscope to a good astrologer and know what more are in store.

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    If you have a Stephany tyre in the car, there is no problem at all. You can take the help of the auto driver who brought you here. You can fix the Stephany tyre and start your journey back.
    If you have no Stephany tyre, you have to take the help of the auto driver and go back to the petrol bunk and look for any tyre repairer nearby. He will be selling some tyres also. You can purchase a tyre and come back in the same auto and fix it and start back. If you feel you are getting delayed and your family may start worrying, you can request your auto driver to give his mobile once and inform you house that you will be coming late back.
    I feel it is not good to have such a problem on the first day in your new car. So it is better to go to a temple and get the pooja performed to your car and then start using. So that you will not have any further problems.

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    First of all the problems mentioned by you, I would like to say that if someone is ready to give you a lift to the nearby petroleum station it must not be a deserted place where your car has halted. So in such an area none can have the guts and courage to steal your tyre as every thief goes for a theft only when nobody is watching him. Thieves are not that much confident to conduct their act in rushy areas.

    Secondly, if you have find so many people around you, to give you lift, to drop you in auto, and at the petrol station you can take the mobile phone of any of them for a minute and have a conversation with your family members to help you out in that situation and your location as well.

    Now, if still this is the situation in which you are stuck, you might take the cellphone of the auto driver who has come to drop you till your vehicle and call the towing vehicle to lift it till garage or automobile shop. Once, the vehicle comes you can sit in the auto and reach to your destination. You can pay an extra charge for your phone call to the auto driver.

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    Having a spare tyre in car's dicky would certainly help and next course of acton is to go to nearest petrol bunk and ask if any auto mechanic is there who could arrange some old tyre and then come with you and fit it in the car so that you can at least manage to go back to a better repair shop or your home whatever feasible in that condition.
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    Anyhow make a call to 100 number, inform the police what's happened with you and request to tow your car away.

    And obviously you will not be left on the deserted road by the police. And never repeat this stupidity of leaving your mobile at home in future.

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    After receiving six responses, I am saying this - The car can be taken home within a few minutes without any difficulty. If you roll your brain and think more, you can get the ideas to take home the car.

    Remember, it is a new car fitted with all the accessories.

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    I have found that generally near the petrol pumps some mechanics or helping hands are available who can help to the stranded people on the roadsides when their vehicles fail. So if one can get a petri pump nearby then the problem can be solved. The other easiest solution is to place the spare tyre in the car and drive home. But sometimes that may not be there and one has to go for other solutions.
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    A few members have said that they can use the spare wheel and go home. Right answer. But how are you going to fit in the spare wheel which won't have the wheel nuts to fix it.
    Think for a solution to get the nuts to fix the wheel.

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    As above situation mentioned by author,I would like to say that you should have go to temple after buying new car. Moreover, it was your wrong decision to take away new car without any testing on long drive through jungle route. At starting it is better to drive in city area so as to any kind of problem may occurs it can be handle easily. Beside this, mostly people keep extra tyre on car for emergency. If you go to petrol pump hiring an auto then most probably mechanic would be there who can fix your tyre. If you are not having tyre then you can call to your family member with help of other mobile. If nobody ready to give you mobile in jungle area then definitely you would get phone facilities on petrol pump station from where you can call to family member.
    If above all situation fail then you should call police with help of other mobile.

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    First of all, the person knows how to handle the situation as to how he managed to get petrol for the car was noticed by us. He can use stepney and fix it to take a drive back home.
    If he does not have a stepney they he has to repeat the process of reaching the petrol bunk, to use a coin phone or a mobile from an employee at the bunk to inform his family about his situation and also getting the garage number to cling on his vehicle using the towing facility to fix the new wheel. Since he has called for help his family members will come to the spot to take him back home and the vehicle will be shifted to the garage.

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    Sachita and others,
    Think about a situation where the Petrol bunk was in a remote area with no mechanic available there. Also, the guy who bought the car is a bachelor who migrated from another state and has no family or reliable friends. And certain phone numbers of his friends are not in his memory. The police station also located far away from the site of the incident. However, the guy has some basic knowledge of vehicle mechanisms.

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    Sun, before I try to give you an answer and attempt for a prize, please clarify whether this is a quiz or puzzle. I am confused because you are bringing up fresh questions for the solutions already provided.
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    This is neither a quiz nor a puzzle. This is to test the knowledge of vehicle management. You may go ahead with your solutions. I have exhausted my clues. I will appreciate your answer and give away the prize from ISC's virtual gift shop.

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    Your #700560. Waiting for your good answer.

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    Sorry, Sun. I am not good at vehicle management and was planning a solution almost similar to what others have suggested. So I don't think there is any point in trying to make an attempt.
    “The door to wisdom is knowing yourself." Anonymous

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    Dear all,
    This is the solution to get back the car home.
    Firstly, the vehicle is a brand new vehicle fitted with all the accessories required.
    Secondly, A spare wheel is a must for all vehicles. It is provided at the rear of the vehicle.
    Thirdly, A jack is available to lift the car to change the tyres.
    He performs the action below:
    After, returning from the petrol bunk, he fills up the tank with the fuel he brought.
    He takes out the car jack from the Diggy and places it under the front side of the chase, and lifts the vehicle.
    He takes out the new spare wheel and fixes it to the wheel disc.
    (Now the problem is to get the nuts to fix the wheel)
    As the car has three wheels, he removes one each nut from each wheel (He gets three nuts)
    He uses all three nuts to fix the wheel.
    Removes the jack.
    Now all the wheels are with three nuts only.
    It is now safe to drive the vehicle at a safe speed.
    He reaches home safely. The next day, he buys four wheel nuts and makes all the wheels fit and perfect.

    How is it?

    No life without Sun

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