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    These days, we got a number of students from WAFU

    Learning is an integral part of our lives. It started from the day we began to observe things. Then when we grew up a little we went to school and then to college and so on. The process of learning in school or college is known as formal education but we learn many things from our experience on various issues. We can learn many things from reading different books on various subjects and also from the reputed websites on the internet. In fact, there are people who make it a habit to learn new things each day. It's interesting to learn new things and share them with others. You can safely share with others what you learnt without the fear of losing it. Nowadays, there are some particular sources from where people learn a lot, without knowing whether they are correct or not. Whatever is provided in the sources many tend to think they are absolutely correct. The sources are WhatsApp and Facebook. Shall we call those people the students of WAFU (WhatsApp and Facebook University)? Since they gather knowledge on almost all things on this universe from those sources it can be said a university. So, we can easily ask others whether they are from WAFU after hearing a particular piece of information. Members, what do you say?

    P.S. I have heard the term Facebook University from some lectures of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. After hearing that, I thought of coining the acronym WAFU in which I have included WhatsApp too.
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    How many really learn or understand from Whatsapp? Most simply press the forward button even without reading or seeing what it is. Face Book for all practical purpose is a public album for photos and a platform for pseudo flattery or anonymous harangue.
    However if we say we learn from Google, I can agree to some extent. A student is one who seeks knowledge. For that we have to seek or search. We search for something in Google. But what we get is true knowledge is another matter.
    So we can say Google as a teacher or university. Not Whatsapp or FaceBook.

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    We can accept the information through Whatsapp and Facebook only when we know the person who is sending the message. If the messages are just forwarded by a known person, then we cannot still accept it under certain circumstances. We have to decide which information has to be accepted and which has to be ignored. The decision lies within ourselves. Students of primary or high school may not have an ability to distinguish, hence they have to be guided by guardians.
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