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    Which is the best way to deal with enemy countries-Peace making or go for war?

    Many countries in the world have enemity with their neighbouring countries for various reasons. At present India is having enemity with several neighbouring countries like Pakistan, China, Nepal, Srilanka etc. So whenever there is enemity with neighbouring countries, a country has to spend some major part of their budget on strengthening their defence. Whether there may be a war or not, for precautionary measures a lot of money has to be spend. We are seeing our neighbouring Pakistan is torturing us by way of giving plank to terrorism. Even though China has no use in creating war with us, for tactically weaken our economy they are creating tenson in our border. If any country enters war inorder to show their supremacy, probably such country weakens their economy. If a country has all friendly countries as their neighbours they prosper like anything as they conserve lot of budget for the development of their country. At this juncture what do you think India to do with China-call for peace talk ot or go for war? Why?
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    War is not a good option. It causes destruction to both sides. Our sacred texts show this to us. Sri Krishna and Pandavas tried to avoid the Mahabharat war. But the human ego did not allow that. Ultimately Mahabharta war happened. How many lost their lives. Many lost their husbands, many lost their fathers, many lost their children, brothers etc. How many animals died? It was loss, loss everywhere.
    The post-war 'Gandhaari Vilaap' is enough to make us rethink.
    Emperor Ashoka became a Budhist follower after seeing the death and destruction in war. He understood that war cannot bring peace. Peace only can bring peace.
    That is why our ancient Rishis taught us to chant and pray for 'Shanti'-peace. Peace not just for humans, but for plants and animals, and atmosphere too slogan of peace to the whole universe, will always try peaceful methods of solving issues. But if the enemy does not understand, then our leaders will become Krishna and our soldiers will become Arjunas and destroy the enemies. That becomes our duty to bring Dharma and destroy Adharma.

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    Nobody wants war I think, but there are many countries who indulge in activities that flare-up at the borders like the one we are facing from China. Politics all over the world is quite complex. On one hand, every country is vouching for peace and on the other many are engaging with conflicts with their neighbours. Actually, if there were no borders all over the world it could have been a better place to live in, though it's imagination only. Many countries spend a lot on defending their territory in terms of modern weaponry and sometimes it seems it has become a business to purchase more weapons than the others. The expansionist and authoritative nature of a few countries have forced the others to protect their own territories and there is no end to it. For any kind of conflict, talks for peace is the best and most suitable way. But if that doesn't work then one has to think of an alternative and that would be dangerous for both the countries.

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    It is very true that war is the last resort and things should be resolved without any war. Still, wars happen and in history there were so many wars which could be probably stopped if people had amicable and peace making methods to find solutions. Some countries are adamant on their claim or stands and in that case it becomes difficult for the offended country to negotiate and the war becomes inevitable. So, the final result would depend on these various factors. There is no fixed rule that we have to fight only or negotiate with them. It depends on the circumstances.
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    It's a matter of fact that we can choose friends but we can't choose neighbours. America and Israel are said to be the friends of India but they are not our neighbours. The countries which share their boarders with India are our neighbours and we can't change them even though we want to change. How our relations are with them it matters a lot. Sadly our neighbouring countries aren't our friends.

    We have disputed issues with them and bilateral dialogue is the best way to find an amicable solution but unfortunately our disputes are still unresolved.
    As far as China is concerned, it, apparently, doesn't believe in dialogue. Since 1962 it has been encroaching our land till date. Now it wants to have complete control over Galvan valley in Ladakh. Our government is trying to find a peaceful solution but China is quite aggressive and adamant on its illegal stand. If dialogue doesn't work then war is the last option.

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