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    Looking at things at a slant

    While taking photos of a print advertisement to include in an article on admissions, the photo invariable comes out slightly tilted or crooked. This led to the thought of looking at things at a slant. This is a different concept from the one of the photograph. It implies taking a viewpoint from a particular angle. However, there is a negative aspect to this when we use some part of an opponent's viewpoint, and turn it around to another angle in such a way that it creates a totally wrong perception of the opponent's viewpoint.

    What's your slant on this thread topic?
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    If you keep your photo taking device correctly there will not be any slant. I have taken a lot of such photos of articles and photos published in newspapers. If we take efforts by trial and error we may get a proper picture.
    Now coming to the core point of viewing slant, yes it will be there until we consciously take efforts to correct it.
    Otherwise we will be like the four blind people who knew elephant as per their touch.
    Everything depends on the correct view of things. But to get a correct and comprehensive idea of big matters we have to look from different angles and different directions.
    If we look from only from our side 6 may look as 9 or vice versa.
    Only '0' ( circle or zero) may look same from all angles. But nowadays many especially media people are adept in weaving stories front "shoonya' or nothing also.

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    It's good to look at things from various angles to see how it really looks from the other sides. In case of a picture, the difference can be easily noticed but if it is not a thing and a particular situation then it's necessary to look at it from various angles to analyze it properly. The situation depends on the perception of others too so it's required to be looked from the perspective of others. For example, take the case of the editors of any newspaper or website. The reporter reported it in her/his own way but it's the job of the editor to find out how the readers will take it. Whether it's going to hurt them in any way or it will compel them to take some actions. Reporters have a perspective while reporting but the editors have to keep in mind about how the readers or viewers would take it and modify it accordingly.

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    It is a good perception of looking at things in A different way. We meet people and move from one location to another every day wherein the true value will be known to us only after a few days, months or it may take years to realise.

    Similarly, we keep buying so many things to decorate our homes but after a few days may change it. In a few cases, some things kept aside for a long time may have it's real value when we look at it in a slant direction or with a different approach.

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    You may have also noticed that on a trip something that you admired was shown in a different perspective by another member of the group which raises a doubt in your mind as to why it was considered by you as something extraordinary. Sharada similarly spoke about the interior decor of homes. In someone's home a lamp, for example, may look very elegant and pretty but we may consider it to be out of place for our home if we were to buy a similar object.
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