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    My pencil box was my identity

    When I was in std III a incident happened with me. That time my pencil box was very favourite item for me. I used to keep all important thing in my pencil box like identity card, expensive pencil, eraser and some other item. One day what happened that my pencil box was stolen. I searched it for long time but couldn't find anywhere. I was very upset because this pencil box had identity card, my mom's photo and other important item. Moreover, I used to keep my exam result paper also.Finally, I complained to my class teacher about my lost pencil box. She announced in the classroom and told that if anyone having her pencil box then give it to me. So, every child started searching but one child was there who had my pencil box but he didn't tell to class teacher. Then I took my pencil box from that child and informed to teacher. Then teacher punished him for such bad act. Thus, I felt peace in mind and retuned to home happily.
    This is for entry contest - A school box - creative writing contest
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    Sanchita Ranjan,
    A very good short pencil box story from you. I request you to amend your title adding the words School and Box which is mandatory to be eligible for this contest. Also, give an internal link to some posts.

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    Sir, I have no idea about link. Can you give me suggestion how to do it.

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    For inserting a clickable link you may read(click) the given link to Help Topics:
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    You can also visit How to create clickable text for my story

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    Do like this
    1. Just go to any ISC article of your interest and copy that URL that appears on the top of the page with a lock and https:........ (Using Ctl+C)
    2. Go to your pencil box thread and click 'Edit'
    3. In the message box, move your cursor before your choice word, (say pencil box) and paste it using Ctl+V.
    4. Now before https type (a href=" and at the end type "> Pencil box< /a >
    5. Delete the other word 'Pencil box'
    6. press the submit button......
    7. Check your post and ensure that the word Pencil Box appears in Blue. Click it and check whether the article you selected appears.

    Note: In para four, I typed ( instead of < for demonstration. When you type, type it as < a href ............ ( There should be no space between < and a. ) And No space between < and /.... & between a and >

    All the best. Try your best.

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    Despite my guidance at #700470, Are you still struggling to give a link to your thread?

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    The story given above is short and sweet and highlights how children get attached to small things and love it. ?It may not cost more but they feel good with it. This also tells us that for children even a small piece of chocolate can make them happy and we need to help them cherish such sweet memories and help them to love everything.

    Sanchita Ranjan,
    As you have mentioned that you don't have any idea about using the link, and it is seen that you were not able to get it even after Venkiteswaran(#700376) response and SuN explaining it in his comment(#700470). I will directly help you as to how to make one. You just have to copy and past in your contest entry post after clicking the edit button.

    "The complete address bar to be pasted as it is inside the hypen"
    target="_blank"> Title of your post(My pencil box was my identity)

    The output will be as seen in blue My pencil box was my identity

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    Good story. These incidents are very common in schools. Some naughty child may do such things. They don't even know that taking away items of others will be treated as theft.
    During my 8th, I faced a similar instance. I went for lunch by the time I came back, a notebook from my school bag was missing. I searched for it and I couldn't find the same. I complained to my class teacher. He came to the class and told the students to see all their bags whether by mistake it got mixed up with their books. No one found it. But after an hour a book was found under the table in the last row. Somebody noticed it and informed. I have seen that and that is my book only.
    The author has narrated the story nicely.

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    Select your web page address, copy it. Now create the HTML tag like this:

    Lesser than symbol, a href, equals to the symbol, double quotes, paste the web page address here, of your thread, double quite symbol, greater than symbol, write the title of your thread

    Hope you will be able to follow. After writing your thread title close it with a tag as suggested by members. Complete this HTML tag in the contest page.

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    In a class room if we have a special pencil box of special make and design it attracts the fellow students and even want to steal the same. This is what narrated by the author.
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    Generally, apart from the school box, students carry only three boxes to the school. They are - Lunch box, Geometry box and Pencil box. Out of these three boxes, the Pencil box would be a more attractive box to others. The Pencil box would have not only pencils, pens, erasers and sharpeners, but also the cash to meet their snack requirements. It also serves the purpose of a money purse. No student will like to share their pencil box.
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    My son was so fond of pencil box that as and when we went near the stationery shop his eyes would drag us to buy one for him.
    Sometimes he would get an exchange offer for a week. The multi-layered pencil box was his fancy item with beautiful stickers of Dora and Chota bheem stickers on them, this matching with the labels for his books too.

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    During our school days everything we had, was very precious for us and if it was stolen means it was a great setback and painful matter for us. Not only because it had some cost and money was spend to buy it by our parents but also due to the fact that we were sentimentally attached to it. These small-small possessions with us are of very large importance. I have got a grammar book of 1936 vintage and is still in good shape because of the high quality paper and my father had signed it and later gave to me. This may look like a trivial matter but it has a sentimental value for me and I would not like to part away with it. So the pencil box mentioned by the author was definitely a prized possession in her hands and she could not absorb the shock of losing it.
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    Thank you Varghese and all those who guided me here. I'm new to computers so I fail to understand difficult topics like this.

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    A good incident narrated by the author. Usually the mischievous students do such things just to grab attention of other classmates. Sometimes some students who feel extremely isolated also do such things to attract other students. However such students instead of being scolded or punished if given proper love and care they become idealistic in nature.

    Its good to see that members are so cooperative and helpful; a single question and so many answers. This makes ISC different from others.

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
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