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    Can Nepal and Pakistan join China in a war with India if If there is no way out other than war?

    The kind of atmosphere that is being created right now. The matter is not showing any satisfactory dialogue approvals. Both countries are insistent on their own things. Recently Indian Govt. has given approval on contingency fund of Rs 500 crore for weapons to three commanding forces after valley tension in Ladakh.

    Where Russia was neutral in this dispute, but now it is showing its inclination towards India, perhaps to sell its weapon to India. Russia is seeing this tension as an opportunity. Some political experts say that this war will not go on the big lining but maybe on the small lining. So in this situation, the trend of Pakistan and Nepal will be on which side.
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    Let us not underestimate the capabilities of Indian Armed Forces. If at all there is a war, the war will be initiated by China only, not Pakistan and Nepal. While we can take care of China and Nepal on the land, we can take care of Pakistan from the seafront. Our Airforce will play a major role. This is 2020, not 1962. Things are different. One has to think twice before declaring war.
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    If a war like situation emerges in Indian borders then it is difficult to say as what would be the equation of fighting sides but definitely countries like Pakistan and Nepal would be creating some problem for us. There is change in the world politics and different alliances are going to be formed and China could loose its earlier position in the global politics as well as global market if it does not improve its ways soon. India is today capable of undertaking a war if such a situation is coming in near future. Anyway, before that there would be many peace negotiation by India or UN in this matter.
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    It's quite early to say if Pakistan and Nepal will also open their fronts against India if India China war begins. However, China can ask its puppets to begin at least skirmishes on their respective borders to put a psychological pressure on India but India is capable enough to face all the challenges on all fronts.

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    I do not think things will escalate to war. No one wants war. China only wants to show as if they can dominate and just put pressure on India. China is now facing mistrust from the whole world especially after Covid. Their internal mistrust is increasing. Chinese people are not happy with their rulers now. There is problem with Thailand, Hong Kong. So China wants an escape route to show a brave and heroic face to their own people. The best way always for a dictatorial rule is to invoke war situation. However China very clearly knows that now the same patriotic mood and feeling is there in India and the morale of the Indian Army is very good. The Modi govt will also be able to get the nation's full support. Along with that India will have sympathetic resonance from many powerful counties.
    Other neighbours of China will also use this situation to prepare against China and exert pressure by showing a common aim. That will be really difficult for China to face. The most now China fears is economic backlash. It wants to dominate the world by economic power.
    As Pakistan has also similar gains to face its people and divert attention from the economic bad shape it is in, it will do its bit to support China and act against India. But Nepal will be a real loser if it involves in a war with India by supporting China. India will definitely take a good part of its territory suitable to it. Balance part will be taken over by China. It is better to keep silent and neutral for Nepal.

    The above are only logical possibilities. I am sure that better sense prevails on Chinese hotheads and they bring back status quo on border.

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    China has been playing cheap politics of grouping small countries against India so that India would ease out the economic sanctions on the dragon country. After Pandemic virus being spread across the world, no major countries are with China and rattled over this new development, China felt that India is the leader in getting the big powers to agree that China was responsible for the corona spread and thus playing the politics of small countries against India. It is the five minutes time for India to take action on Nepal and Pakistan and we know how capable are our armed forces. Even China would be defeated as our soldiers are with vengeance to take action. And for India the major super powers are extending support and we need not worry in case of war and it is China which would be made pauper and would be grounded soon.
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    Yes, I agree that Pakistan and Nepal will remain neutral because both of them know that if it goes to war with India along with China, they will be afraid of losing their existence. And this should also happen with Pakistan and Nepal. because they deserve it.

    But why Nepal is against India in this time, everyone knows it. Seeing this childish act of Nepal also makes one laugh. The conflicts that are going on with their Chinese neighbours have made everyone understand China's policies and past history of China also tells the same. Border of Nepal also meets China. Nepal is also not taking a lesson from other countries which have been trapped in China's web. Its latest examples are Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Maynavar.

    Everyone knows about the history of Pakistan. It is written in its fate. Whether it supports China or not. Its misfortune is yet to be done because it is such a movement and it is also doing so.

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