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    What is the bad food you enjoy and nutritious food you dislike?

    Indian cusine has lot variety of dishes to enjoy irrespective of their nutrtious value. To maintain good health, it is important for us to take some nutrtious food. To keep our taste buds happy we never care about the type of food we consume. For example, I like fries more than boiled curries. Pure milk is good for health but we are interested to have Coffee or tea. We love soft drinks over healthy coconut water. We like chocalates over traditional sweets made in home. We prefer potatoes over healthy leafy vegetables. We want to have more salt or sugar in our dishes but they are not good for health. Members share your list of dishes with respect to above question.
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    There is a humorous quote that anything that is good for health generally does not have a good taste while things bad for our health are so yummy. I find this true to a good extent. Lauki (gourd) vegetable is said to be very good for digestion and has many nutritive items in it but in our family no one takes lauki if it is accidentally prepared. People do not taste it fearing their earlier experiences. Karela (bitter gourd) is another example. So it is difficult to inculcate good food habits. More spices and chillies are said to be bad for our health but they are indispensable in our food. Junk foods are so tasty and addictive, people yearn for them often. It requires a lot of control and discipline to change food habits.
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