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    Limit online time for personal well-being

    People often get effected due to boredom. They find ways to get peace from something. The only thing which is easily and quickly accessible is the mobile phone. People utilise online time in strolling social feeds, sending messages and mails, video calls and other miscellaneous stuff's are digged into deeper and deeper. Most of the time, the usage of online time is so addictive that people start finding ways to spend ample amount of time online without paying heed to their personal life and work. It's a request to the reader's of this particular post that for personal wellbeing and productivity, do limit online time. With the passage of time, this small attempt will yield better consequences and more peace from life. There's more in life compared to online time.
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    Good reminder by the author for the perils of excessive online indulgences. Everything in excess is bad and online indulgence is no exception. In the beginning it appears very interesting and great source of passing one's spare time but slowly it makes us addicted to the online activities and then it is very difficult to get away from this addiction and it is very much true for all other addictions in our lives. I am one person who is suffering from this addiction to quite a degree as my involvement is there in many sites and I feel restless if I do not contribute there. I know this trend is not going to survive long and I have to be choosy and selective in my indulgences in this ocean of internet. I have already started cutting down on my activities in some technical sites which are related to my core area of education and career and hope to cut down more in some of others. I know that now my age progressing to my seventies, it would not be possible for me to keep up the same level of activity and as is said that prevention is better than cure I would have to cut down every where slowly and gradually. I hope I would be successful in that. Let us all remember that online addiction is as bad as any other addiction in our lives.
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