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    Second child's first school geometry box

    Ramya and Vidya were sisters from a middle class family. Vidya was 3 years younger than Ramya. They were close and lovable to each other. In their family, they had a principle of not buying new things, when the old one is in good condition. They also preserved things in good condition for future use. Similarly, they saved Ramya's used things for Vidya. Ramya being the eldest got everything new. Vidya accepted whatever she received. She did not question when she was given new or used. But sometimes, she felt her heart heavy while going to school riding her sister's bicycle, wearing her sister's uniform, school bag , shoes etc. Still she stayed calm.

    When Ramya and Vidya were promoted to 9th and 6th grade respectively. Both were using the same school bag, lunch boxes, pencil box, water bottle etc that they were using the previous year. Since Vidya was moved to 6th grade, she wanted a geometry box. So, their parents bought a new geometry box. As always the newer one glowed shiny. Ramya wished to take the new one and pass her used geometry box to Vidya. She did not request for it, she just took away the new one and gave the old one to Vidya.

    Vidya stayed calm and looked at her parents. Their parents were shocked. They never expected this behaviour from Ramya. When asked for an explanation, Ramya told them that was their family practice. "New one was for the eldest and old one for the youngest". Her words were hurting to all in the family. Then Vidya with eyes full of tears confessed, "I did not demand for new things in order to lighten my parents' burden. Also, I have a feeling that my sister was being loved more than me". Then after looking at her sister's face Vidya added, "if it is a practice of this house to give newest to the eldest, I accept the older one".

    Parents melted to her words. They calmed themselves down and sat with their children. Then the father said, "We have a practice of giving used things that are in good condition to the youngest, not because we are not affordable to buy new things, but to make use of the old one. We believed that our brilliant children understood that. It is okay, our assumptions led to a greater misunderstanding in this house. Thank God, a Geometry box brought clarity in our brain box. We love both of you, the money we spend on each other does not determine the love and care we have for you. Hope you understand." Ramya and Vidya nodded.

    Seeing the brightness in their children's faces, Mom asked,"So, who is going to take the new geometry box?" Ramya with a big smile on her face handed over the new geometry box to VIdya. Vidya rushed to her school bag with a light and happy heart.

    The next day, Vidya did not feel anything odd in using her sister's used things. Now she started having special love for the things that belonged to her. She no longer sees them as sister's things but as her own. The new geometry box in her bag made a magic of changing everything new in her eyes.

    My entry to this contest. A school box - creative writing contest
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    A well written story based on a very usual happening in most families a few decades ago. The grace of the story is the way it ends- on a very positive note,without any conscious hurt to any one. At the end a win-win feeling
    is generated. This leaves the reader with a taste of satisfaction and contentment.

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    Younger one using old articles belonging to the elders is very common in many families. My sister was one year senior to me in school. She used to get all new books whereas I was being given the old books belonging to my sister. It is a practice for me.
    The author explained this point very nicely in this story and the parents are really appreciable as they are able to make their daughters understand the facts. Such parents will definitely be successful in bringing up their children in the desired way. A very well narrated story.

    always confident

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    This is an interesting story about the minds of children who have to understand their interpersonal relations for using the facilities available in the family. It depends on the parents also as how they train the children and teach them to use the old items in house also willingly.
    Knowledge is power.

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    The story just reminded me of a 1993 Bollywood movie "Aaina ( Mirror)". The story is about two sisters Roma played by Amrita Singh and Reema portrayed by Juhi Chawla along with Jackie Shroff as Ravi Saxena and Deepak Tijori as Vinay Saxena. The two are daughters a wealthy businessman but both grew differently. The eldest daughter Roma was the spoiled brat and got everything she desired that too first hand whereas Reema, the younger one was given the used things. The story takes a U-turn when Roma runs from her marriage for her career and Reema had to marry Ravi Saxena to save families reputation and when Roma comes to know that Reema had married her first love, tries to come in between them and spoil their marriage. The movie was remade in 1995 for Telugu as Aayanaki Iddaru, in 1997 for Tamil as Kalyana Vaibhogam and in 2000 for Kannada as Yare Nee Abhimani.

    The story above shows how things get into the children's head and as parents, it becomes the duty of every parent to know their children's feeling and make them understand that their love for their children is not divisible but equal.

    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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