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    Who is your best teacher and why?

    My question is very simple. We have been taught from pre-primary to the college by different teachers. But everyone has a favourite teacher whom you consider as the best for different reasons. Please mention here, who was/is your best teacher and why?

    Mr. A.K. Lakkad remains my best and most favourite teacher. He taught us Physics in class 11 and 12. His style of teaching was awesome. He taught every topic by putting some example which made our learning fun. He taught us many important lessons about life. I will never forget him. He dedicated his life to the students.
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    I've left school/college a long time ago. All the teachers of schools or colleges where I studied are highly respectable to me. Most of them either have died or retired but If I come across any of them I still find them as 'an august person.'

    I've difficulty choosing my best teacher as all my teachers were best in my sight.

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    Parents are our first teachers and the fact is known to every one. They educate us since the day we are born and this education is caressed by love and care which makes it more effective.
    My best teacher and inspiration has always been my mother. She didn't only teach me to be calm, patient but also to achieve success by becoming worthy of it. I remember, from the very day I could remember, I never saw her anger. She was too calm and patiently handled all the things - from feeding us to teaching us, from awakening us to playing with us. I still couldn't believe the way she used to manage house, we never encountered any shortage. Whatever our demands used to be she fulfilled every. She taught us values, morals, about our culture, about our Vedas and even our subjects whether it was English or Mathematics; I still wonder her knowledge about everything.
    I remember the day she enforced a rule in our house to speak in English from 9pm till the time we sleep. The first day, I was quite nervous as I was in second standard and wasn't that good as my sisters and my parents. I kept quiet all the time. Then she called and said," For how many days are you going to keep yourself quiet? If this situation comes when you are alone how will you face it? It's better that you start preparing yourself from today so that you become used to it and it may not leave you in fear anymore." Later on I became the national level orator at school level just because of that advice.
    That was the day whenever I felt that an obstacle is there I remembered to face it rather than hiding myself.
    She was the lady who told my teacher to make me stand in front of mike to recite a poem on the first day of my school. And certainly the result was that the stage fear never arose in me. Today I can easily face the audience during my shows.
    Such great is my first and best teacher. I am grateful to her and will always be.

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

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    I never failed. Always passed and promoted to the next class. Because all my teachers were good that I could learn well and pass in the examinations. So, all my teachers were the best teachers. If you ask me who was the most attractive teacher, I would say yes and name him. He is Mr. Seetharama Iyer who taught me English. He was short, fair and handsome. Also, he was my History Master. He used to like my Tamil handwriting. When he published his History book for std X, he made use of my handwriting to write the draft. He still lives in my heart.
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    Long time have passed leaving my school and colleges. Still, many stories are live in my heart related to school and college. When I was student all my teacher were best teacher. There were little bit difference among them. When I was studying in intermediate science that time one biology teacher was there. In my view, he was the best teacher. I liked his teaching way. His communication and writing skill was much better. His teaching method was so effective that no need to revision at home. Moreover, he used to teach student in fun way. So, student would never feel tiredness even after continuing two class. Most of the student don't want to miss that teacher class. Even today, I am grateful to him for good guidance.

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    This thread is giving me an opportunity to remember one of my teachers who taught us Mathematics in class XI and XII. He was a serious teacher and we had never seen him laughing or talking lose or talking freely. In those times (1967), it was customary for teachers to beat the students if they did some mischief or did not answer a question properly or did something which was not liked by the teachers. So, teachers were seen with respect and sometimes a tinge of fear as no one wanted the beatings by the teacher. It used to be pin drop silence in the class in those times and particularly in the class taken by the particular teacher that I am talking about. We had to be very alert in his class as he used to ask questions in between and especially to those students who seemed to him as restless or yearning for doing some mischiefs. Many students got beatings from him in our class and we, the remaining ones, were waiting for our turns patiently. One day the students wanted to play football but were afraid to ask him the permission and asked me to go to him and get it as I was good in studies and the student thought that he would not refuse me. With great fear and reluctance I went to his sitting place in the big room, where teachers took rest during gap periods, and went to him and asked politely for the permission. He saw towards me without any expression on his face and after a few moments he told me to go to the class where he would be coming to us to teach in the usual ways. I simply ran back and told the students that no permission was obtained and he is coming now to take the class. The students became alert and went to their seats. I was then a little bit afraid that he might ask me some question and if I did not answer I was going to get some beatings that day. Fortunately nothing of that sort happened and I thanked God for my day gone nicely without getting any such expected beating from him. He was the best teacher in our college and when he explained something it was so clear that it is still preserved in our minds. I give him all credit to the exceptionally high marks that I got in Mathematics in my class 12 exams.
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    I always admired by primary and higher education teachers who were so cooperative because it was the government school and they gave their best education to me. My regards goes to Science teacher Elizebeth, English sir Ghantavataram, Tami teacher Keshavamma . And after going to the college in CEC course my civics teacher was so dear to me and she was so understanding. And our economics sir was so strict and none would like him as he is also happens to be our vice principal and take us for every wrong thing.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Mrs.Singh is my most remembered teacher from my secondary school. Last year on the school class mates get together, I got to know that she is no more with us. The news really saddened me deeply.

    I remember her so dearly because she taught me 2 of my most interesting subjects, Music and English.

    I studied in vernacular medium school. But she also taught us out of syllabus topics if the students shown interest. Sometimes even she called some students home to show them good books to read. I was one of those lucky students.

    She was also incharge of the Music department. She taught us every sort of singing, from morning prayers to welcome songs for school events, and from cheerful songs for annual days to patriotic songs for Independence Day celebrations.

    Mrs.Singh will be always remembered deep in my heart for many good characteristics I possess today.

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    While studying in my higher secondary schools, I was lucky enough to have got fleet of teachers very loyal to their passion of teaching. Though their guidelines and their effective way of communication made the subject easy and comprehensive while going through such chapters at home, but still I cannot forget the way how my Mathematics teacher Sri A.K . Poddar created unique concepts within the minds of their students in solving the problems of different topics in the shortest possible time be it vector, 3 diamensional, coordinate - geometry or differential Calculas. In fact, in our higher secondary classes, Mathematics was exhaustive in the sense in both the classes ( class eleven and twelve) each portion contained vast exercises and if you devote more time to a chapter, you would miss to have better concept in the next one.
    Hence he had devised some ways while solving the different parts of Mathematics and once such tools were revised in our home, there was no chance to forget the same unless you have taken up revision on weekly basis so that the formulates of each chapter remain vivid.
    His sincerity and dedicated effort changed the attitude of the students towards Mathematics and in the final result of the Board Examination of higher secondary, 80 percent students secured beyond 85 percent marks in Mathematics. Thanks to his awesome guidance in the subject.

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    There are a few teachers always in my mind who had helped me or influenced me in some ways. There was my male teacher in class four- who got transferred- who was the first person to whom I wrote and posted a letter by postal mail. It was a thrilling experience when I got a reply for that.
    Then, it was my class teacher cum English teacher who encouraged us in various ways and even taught us during vacation when we were promoted from ninth class to tenth.
    In college I had a couple of lecturers who encouraged me to participate in various extracurricular activities and helped to broaden my thinking and views.
    Whenever occasion and context arises I get to remember and reminisce while talking with my old classmates or when recounting old time experiences to my family.

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    Many teachers taught me during my education starting from my primary school to university level. There are some excellent teachers, some very good teachers and good teachers. I have seen any teacher who never allowed his students to lose.
    In my high school studies, I had a social teacher. He was our class teacher during my 9th class. He used to teach us English and Social studies. He used to explain English in such a way that every student in the class will understand what he is teaching. He used to come to our seats and used to sit on our side and asking a student to explain some issue and that gave us the confidence to talk in the presence of a gathering. His unique way of teaching helped us in many ways. He is still alive and I will go and see him when I go to our native place. Such teachers are very rare and we owe our lives to such teachers.

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    As far as my school teachers concerned, all teachers from my first standard to eleventh standard and in college level from PUC to BCom third year all teachers are admirable and I cannot judge best among them. But some teachers and lecturers cannot be forget even today because of their inspired teaching and their friendly approach. In my Primary School Level Bhagavathi Madam, Meenakshi Madam, Jeevitha Madam and In High School Mr. AR Subramanian, Mr. Nagasamy, Mr.S.Balasubramanian, and in my college level Mr.CS Krishna (HOD of Commerce),Mr.M.Narasimhan, Mr.N.Ragunathan, Mr. P.Ramachandran and Mr. Chandrahasan (English) are unforgettable and their teachings are even in my mind.

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