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    Lost and abandoned enthusiasm to appreciate others.

    Appreciation is all what a person requires to move ahead in his life. Whether it is about a child who is writing alphabets for the first time, in his own, in his life or a 90 years old person who is finishing the hymn singing in his own voice. Everybody needs an appreciation because this appreciation boosts confidence in a person to do better and something different with complete hard work, the next time.
    A man lying on the hospital bed won't recover until he is praised by the doctor saying that he is doing good now. Appreciation not only boosts the confidence but also infuses a spark in a person to achieve more, working on the right track by his toil and hardwork.
    But, these days due to over burden and extremely busy schedules people have start forgetting about this beautiful and sparkling boost. Sometimes the people aren't congratulating a person simply because they think that he isn't worthy or due to their envious nature or an ego which is developed in them for no reason. Under all these points they are forgetting the fact that appreciation is earned when it is given. Today, if you are appreciating or congratulating a person on his success, he may develop a better corner for you and will hope for your betterment so that he can appreciate you in future.
    Appreciating others is a beautiful human quality and we shouldn't forget the essence of this as it plays a major role in our development and advancement.
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    There are some people around us who have no time to appreciate nor give the constructive advise for future development but criticize with lots of remarks as if we completely failed according to them. Suppose at the home if the wife prepares a new dish by seeing the internet and fine tuned the preparations with her past knowledge and yet tried to manage to the nearest look and taste, we must have the guts to appreciate for the near total success and taste. But instead the house members pass rave criticism as regards to color, looks and taste and the wife gets totally dejected that she should not have tried. However no one has discarded the dish and ate full. That means they do accept the new dish but does not want to share their good comment which is the habit of some as they do not want to give credit at the drop of the hat.
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    Appreciating somebody is always motivate them. If you appreciate a kid when she starts moving his feet and walk, she will try walking continuously to get appreciations from you. It will make her learn walking fast. This will hold good for all the people all the times. That is why when we shout and say repeat, repeat the player will get enthusiastic and try to repeat.
    So we should make a point that we should appreciate people when they did good work or if you want them to perform well also we should motivate them by appreciating them and their skills. A good boss will always motivate his subordinates by encouraging them.
    Parents should also try to encourage their children instead of pressurising them so that they will perform at their highest level.

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    Appreciating others is a great art and has tremendous potential to boost the morale of the people. It is human nature to seek appreciation and there is nothing wrong in feeling happy if someone appreciates us for our work or some qualities or anything in our lives that the other person has noticed and wants to applaud us. At the same time we must reciprocate this appreciation to others who have done something of outstanding nature and they would definitely be motivated by that. There are cases where people having depressive tendencies got fully cured and recovered when they were appreciated for their little contributions in the society or family.
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