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    Newspapers gone thin

    We have been experiencing the fall out result of Covid 19 on almost everything and even on the newspapers. Gone are the days when we used to get newspapers with 40 to 60 pages daily with separate color editions, art, culture, tourism and books. All these has gone and the newspapers are subjected to only news and reviews by some experts. Most of the newspapers are not getting the advertisement revenues and the revenue from the newspaper sale is very minimal. Therefore we are seeing the newspapers going thin day by day. When the situation would improve?
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    Newspapers cannot survive in absence of advertisements. Actually the newspaper publishers were selling it for a throw away price like 3-4 Rupees per newspaper and some were giving it even for a lesser amour if you subscribe for one year. How it was possible for them to sell it at such a low price? The only thing behind that business model was the advertisement revenue. In today's world there are many such businesses which are solely surviving on the advertisements only and if there are no revenues linked to it then the business is going for a for a rough and tough time. Newspapers industry is going through such an adverse phase and would come out only when this dreadful virus is eradicated.
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    True. I too felt the same and wanted to raise a thread on this subject. I think we both are on the same thinking frequency. It is not only the number of pages, but also the quality of papers. Anyway, newspapers did not lose their business. It is the only business that survived during CoVID. In bengaluru, I had been receiving newspapers daily without fail.
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    The daily newspapers which were running 48 pages are now restricted to just 14 pages.
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    We used to get district editions separately for each district. Now only in the main edition, only two pages are given for district news. As there is no income even government also stopped giving full-page advertisements No business and hence no advertisements. I am not even seeing classifieds as there are no activities at full scale outside. I don't know when we will see full activity and normalcy in our lives.

    But I have seen no change in the TV channels. The advertisements are coming there as usual. When they started Ramayan serial, first one or two days there were no advertisements but from the third day onwards advertisements started.

    Many people stopped purchasing newspapers also with doubt that COVD may spread through newspapers also. I don't know how far it is true. I continued purchasing and I never stopped.

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    Camera, radio set, wrist-watch, calendar, coin-operated video games gadget, torch, PCO, landline telephone, public library, newspaper etc have lost their high public demand because of mobile.

    You've raised the question why newspapers are becoming thin. Purpose of buying newspaper is to know the news but when you've internet you can visit any news channel or e-newspaper for knowing the latest news when the same news will be published in the newspaper the next day you'd not take any interest in reading the same news. This is why Subscription of newspapers is going down which is affecting advertisements also. Several newspaper publishing houses have been closed or some are keeping themselves alive on lowest level of income.

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    The newspapers have gone thin. But the prices are same. Earlier it was advertisement paper with a little news sprinkled. Now also real news is very little. They fill the space with extra bold headings and sub headings. Then they give place to much local news which was not getting importance earlier. Thus I could read everyday report and photo of a function giving mask, sanitizer, mobile phone etc. The newspaper advertises about itself and its web site, events conducted by it like webinars etc.
    Even when they were getting enough and more advertising revenue also the newspapers (at least in our place) were charging more than any other place. They do not give even a small compliment of a pocket calendar also. Each newspaper house comes with their Calendar at a price.
    They are biased also. Many times I have the feeling to discontinue the two newspapers I buy.

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