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    The lonely life of single elder widow

    Yesterday I was interacting with a single elder woman who is the widow living alone as her two sons were in foreign countries and she lost her husband recently. The way she was narrating the loneliness was pathetic and bring instant tears to anyone. She has to prepare food, she has to go fetch groceries and vegetables and she is fully depending on the income from tenant who are timely payers. But this Covid has given challenging time for the tenant who failed to give rent and the women was helpless. She has to live with one time food as she would not ask for any help from others and simplicity to fight the life is ever challenging.
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    There are some such people in our neighbourhood also whose children are in far off places and they are living in isolation alone in the house and somehow managing their lives depending upon the maid servants or distant relatives who come there for some short time. Some of these are living singly also and getting their ration delivered by the shop boys in their houses. So most of them are not having financial problems but are missing the usual sentimental and emotional support that one gets only in a joint family. So, the plight of these people is pathetic and as the children cannot come back leaving the posh lives there these people are left in the lurch like that only.
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    This is the time for people around to come to help needy neighbours around. Though not so pathetic, there are many cases where the elderly find it difficult in the Covid situation.
    But many young people and social minded people are helping them also. In Kerala at many places the local ward member co-ordinates and takes initiative in organising such help. Government has also asked the Anganwadi workers, Asha workers and Panchayat/Municipal ward members to have a list of such lonely and elderly people and do the needful to visit them periodically and/or contact them by phone etc. and do the needful for them. It is mostly being done.

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    This has become a problem for many people these days. Many old parents are staying alone and their children are in faraway places and they couldn't meet each other due to restrictions in movements. But many of them are managing two of them are there. But in this case, the lady is a widow and she has to manage everything on her own,
    In normal conditions, somebody may come for helping her, if nor financially at least in getting the required items. But now because of COVID 19, nobody is bothering about the neighbours and they are not even seeing what is happening in the neighbourhood. The days will become further worst if the situation continues for some more days. In India also cases are increasing and in some places again lockdown is being implemented. Coming days are very bad. Every one should be careful. Unruliness and thefts will increase.

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    It's the dark side of higher education. Why do parents educate their children? Do they educate them to remain alone in their old age when they need their support. It's quite pathetic to know such incidents. How the young people can be so much careless and indifferent towards their old parents but it's the undeniable reality of life. Sending money to old parents isn't everything but care and togetherness as a family is required for them. They long to play with their grandchildren. If their own sons leave them and settle in foreign land the parents will drag their life until they die.

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