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    What is the difference between wisdom and knowledge?

    We always talk about the wisdom and knowledge of a person. What is wisdom and what is knowledge? What is the main difference between the two? What is more important - wisdom or knowledge? Please explain with examples to understand the two things thoroughly.
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    Knowledge is input details about something. Wisdom is the sense of logic, reasoning and prudence how, when, where, to whom and in what way to apply what one knows.
    For example, the son/daughter brings the progress card to the parent. The student knows that he/she has failed in most subjects. Also knows that the parent will be angry. But it has to get the card signed and give back tomorrow. It knows who is more angry-father or mother.
    That is knowledge.
    It waits till the parent had his/her food and is in a happy mood. Approaches the one who is less tempered, and shows the card, the parent gets angry. But the student just keeps quiet and puts up a sorry face and hears all the scolding without replying. At last it gets the card signed. That is wisdom-wisdom to whom to show the card first, not to provoke and make matters complicated, appear as if regretting and helpless and persisting indirectly to get it done.

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    Duryodhana was having knowledge but he was not having wisdom. He never knows what to talk and how to talk and he never knows how to respect other people. But he is a very good warrior. But Pandavas were having both knowledge and wisdom. Duryodhana never understood that Vasudeva Krishna is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Duryodhana tried to insult Krishna. At the same time, Pandavas know that Lord Krishna is nothing but Lord Vishnu only. They have given him due respect.
    Education is what you learn. Wisdom is to judge the issues based on your education and thought process and get the things positively. A person who is having wisdom will always think logically and take the correct decision. Education without wisdom may not be helpful to the individual.

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    Knowledge is acquired by studying, reading and learning various things during our academic lives and even after that when we enhance our qualifications and go for learning more skills. All those efforts add to our knowledge and if someone asks us a question we immediately answer it and people say that such and such person is very knowledgeable, he knows so many things etc. So, knowledge is an assemblage of learnings that we have accumulated within and then use it to perform many tasks and jobs. A person having good knowledge is welcome everywhere whether it is a company or organisation or a group of people.

    On the other hand, wisdom is something which comes with experience and application of knowledge in various situations in our lives. Every time we learn and experience something new and then fine-tune our decision making capabilities, our degree of wiseness increases. A person can become wise only after learning from the experiences of life. Many people are very knowledgeable but not necessarily wise. Wisdom generally comes to a person in later phase of life when he is much enriched with his worldly experiences. If someone is having wisdom in younger age then it is definitely considered a remarkable and outstanding thing.

    Knowledge is power.

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    There is a thought well expressed by James J Watson "wisdom is the power to put our knowledge and time to the proper use".

    It clearly states that knowledge is a part of wisdom and how to use knowledge in a proper way at the proper time is wisdom.

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    Knowledge is acquired by every one through the intense studies and excelling in the subject they have been taught about and wisdom is the power given through the knowledge and that should be used in right way at right time. Wisdom cannot be acquired without the formidable knowledge and people think that some people are born with wisdom that is wrong. But there are certain communities in which the children learn the art of doing business at the kids age and they would excel with mere experience and knowledge. But those cases are exceptions and in general one need to study and acquire the knowledge. For Duryodhan he was aiming at Lord Krishna sena to his side and thought he would become more powerful army wise but Arjun sought only the help of Sri Krishna and wanted him to be the chariot driver and that paid him.
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    What we learn in our life is knowledge and how pragmatically we use it is wisdom

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    Knowledge is the result of academic pursuits. It comes through education which we generally get in schools and colleges. Wisdom is not taught to us. It comes to us only with the practical experiences in life.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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