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    I am thinking of reducing the size of the dictionaries

    Do you think it is absolutely illogical? Just imagine the size of a dictionary. I am sure all of you have one at your home, though I am not sure whether the children these days have it in their bookshelves or not because nowadays they all consult the online dictionary for help. I also consult the online dictionary for any reference. Now, imagine why I am saying to reduce the size of the dictionary. The size is 'unnecessarily' large because it has the meanings of all the words in the vocabulary of a language. There are many words which can easily be discarded. You will find many people saying the word 'no' is not there in their dictionary and many support them. It indicates how positive the person is. There are also people who say the same thing for the word 'impossible'. Now think of the word 'ego'. Almost everybody will suggest not to have an ego. Well, when everybody is suggesting us to forget the word why to unnecessarily keep it in the dictionary? Think of another word 'unrealistic'. You know the consequence of thinking or behaving in an unrealistic way. So, we can discard that word too. See, I have already discarded a couple of words from the dictionary and you can try to discard many more words from it after giving it a thought. Do you still think my suggestion 'unrealistic'?
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    How can you remove the words and make it small? Even you could not avoid using the words, No, Impossible and unrealistic here. Just because they are still in your dictionary. You may not use it, but that cannot be removed. We need to live for many decades on this earth. We cannot live without negative words. We may keep the words impossible and unralistic away, but never a 'NO'. As long as YES exists NO also will exist. Yes and No are like spouses who hate each other.
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    If we want to reduce the words in a dictionary then the best way is to reduce some of the synonyms as so many words meaning the same thing are probably not required though serious literary writers might not agree with this as their work contains large umber of synonyms. Actually there is a natural tendency of inventing newer and newer words and some are created due to changing society and environment. So, these have to be accommodated in the updated version of the dictionary. It is not possible to reduce the words by removing antonyms as they are paired with the normal words for which they are antonym. But yes, if there are plenty of similar pairs, some of the pairs can be dispensed with.
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    How can the size of the dictionary can be made small because the learning is the continued process and the children are getting into learning mode every time. As more children are born and taking to education as new and beginners. there is every need for verifying the dictionaries and therefore the dictionaries shall become more fat than reducing its size. Though online verification of words are possible but a dictionary in the shelf would be handy to refer the words and its meanings. Moreover computers and cell phones are not in handy for many on move and therefore the dictionary in their bag would be the friend in need. In fact I want the dictionary publishers across the world to add the new words that are used as the hash tag in social media and that would add more knowledge to the further users.
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    I don't think it would be practical to reduce the size of a dictionary by discarding certain words but it is possible in the case of individual dictionaries which is the individual brain manifested by the mind.

    One can always, as per his attitude, perceptions and thoughts, erase or hide words that do not relate to him from the dictionary that is stored in his brain. The words you store in your mind depends on the way you look at things and perceive them. Nurturing negative thoughts will add more negative words to your dictionary while positive thoughts will help in discarding negative words and display the positive words prominently. It is not as easy as you may be thinking. But it is possible. Since a dictionary is a common thing, it cannot afford to discard certain words or to include only positive words but it can be done in the case of individual dictionaries because it is you who decide which are the words you want and which are the ones you don't.

    I am not very sure whether I sound logical with my conclusion or whether I could convey my thought convincingly, but my attempt was just to give a twist to the thought by the author.

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    There are pocket dictionaries. They are small only and they may give selected words. I used to have a pocket-size dictionary when I was in high school. This is a very small dictionary and you will not find many words. Many words which we use very commonly are there in that dictionary. Many words are missing.
    But if you want to have a full-fledged dictionary it will be a big book and not possible to reduce the size.
    In our mother Tongue also we have dictionaries of different sizes. Many of these small dictionaries are made by the people by editing the standard dictionaries which are very big in size.

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    A wonderful thought to avoid negative impact words from dictionary and to resize to the minimum possible.

    It is possible in two ways (from a usage point of view)
    1. Stop using huge bundled pages
    2. Use the online Dictionary

    Would like to say, if not a word that is opposite of good doesn't exist in the world how one can get to know the actual meaning of goodness? There must be an opposite and equally, a competing world exists. In fact, that's nature's symmetricity.

    We are fortunate to have all the words in one dictionary to refer to when the meaning is unknown. We have many poets who contributed to poetry and culture is hereditary just because of poets and historians.

    if they have had failed to preserve words we couldn't have even the real meaning of those valuable poems.

    One question would like to ask, will you teach your children or nephew or niece only those words which help them grow, then that becomes knowledge not wisdom.

    In face small dictionaries do exist, it depends on the standard of the person who is consuming it. I used small palm-sized dictionary myself in my 2nd class which was presented by my mother.

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    This is a strange proposition as generally we hear about increasing the words in the dictionaries rather than decreasing. The rationale behind decreasing is not understood well but yes there are some old words which are not in use by the most of the people and those can be removed.
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    We cannot remove a few words from the dictionary just because we know the meaning or we don't like to use it further, but there are people who still don't know the right spelling, pronunciation of the words along with their usage. It is really important to them.
    Individual dictionary always can be reduced by using the internet and smartphones but what if there is no power how will you manage to tell the meaning, if you cannot express it in your own words.

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