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    The Barbie school box and its master baby girl

    Aah! You know this is unbearable. Well, My master baby girl loves me very much and she always keeps me by her side even when she sleeps. She often tells her friends," My barbie pencil box is too beautiful. My parents gifted me my Barbie school box when I was coming to the school for the first day." Usually she praises me very much and she couldn't bear if anyone touches me and today is one such day. "Oh ! This is bitter. Alas! My head is injured and I can't even sit properly. My jaws have been broken. Oh ! Now I won't be able to eat anything.
    "How dare you throw my Barbie box on the table," shouted my master girl Nancy on Nikita. Nikita is her benchmate. " I kept it on the table but you broke my pencil and now I will not leave your Barbie box," Nikita said by lifting me from my ears.

    Oops, she has widened my mouth by putting all her fingers inside it. What she is doing with my stomach. I think she will take out all my hidden treasure. Ha ha ha, she is tickling me. Oh no! She has bumped my nose. Ooooh, I am flying in the air. I think she is trying to throw me into the dustbin. No, god save me."
    A thudding sound comes and the Barbie school box is dropped near the dustbin, wide open.
    " Oh ! I can't take it anymore. I wish god saves me from becoming handicapped. But what's this? Miss Maria, the strict and discipline loving mathematics teacher of my master girl is coming. Master, don't fight your teacher will see you," I shouted loudly but who can hear the voice of a mere pencil box, a completely injured one.
    " What's going on here? Why are you fighting?" Shouted Miss Maria
    " Nancy and Nikita come here and rest all of you start writing counting from 1 to 51 in your notebooks," she called my master and her bench mate.
    Previously my master loved Nikita but the day her younger sister named Nikey was born, her mother was more involved in Nikey and she couldn't give much time to Nancy, my master. So she started feeling lonely and became short tempered.
    But what miss Maria is doing? She has kissed my master on her cheeks. Let me go closer to listen.
    " Nancy you are such an intelligent girl. You know all the answers and Nikita is your best friend, then why you fought ?
    " She touched my Barbie box. That box is mine truly and then she broke it," Nancy replied weeping aloud.
    " I liked your box so I touched it. Nobody in the class has that much beautiful box," spoke Nikita. Listening to the duos, Miss Maria said," Friendship is all about sharing and caring. When you share, a bond of love is developed and spreading love is what God wants us all to do. Now shake hands and become friends."
    They shook hands after saying sorry to each other. " I will repair your box, I have the gum," saying this Nikita lifted me. Hey, I am not handicapped. My master and I have reached home now. She said to me, " If I can love my friend, why can't I love my own little sister; just like my parents love me. That's why they gifted you to me, the most beautiful Barbie box." She kissed her little sister and went to her mother," Mom, this year will Nikey be participating in healthy baby contest. My friend's sister will participate and that's why her mother was reading this article
    Her proud mother had tears of love and happiness in her eyes. She lifted my master in her lap. I am proud to be the Barbie school box of my master. If I become a human in my next birth I wish to be like you my master.

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    This is a lovely narration from the mouth of the barbie school box which has seen the rough time in the school after the quarrel between the girls and then its own revival to its normal condition. Well presented.
    Knowledge is power.

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    It was a fantastic writeup to grab the words from the flying skies. I could not move until I completely finished reading your thread. The comparison and connections are we expressed and gave me a journey to see your Barbie box in my imagination world. This is quite often noticed that friends fight and it is solved by teachers in all schools. The moral was also considered in your thread, to share.
    Lead the leader

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    This post should be the sure shot win for the contest as the author has narrated the wonderful content from the side of Barbie school box and the face off between the girls.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A very nice story bout the Barbie school box. The way the teacher cooled down both the girls who are fighting is very appreciable., It is very true that Kids will always have a lot of love for the items they like and they want them to be always with them.
    I have given a small baby toy to my granddaughter. She named the toy " Sarada". She always keeps that toy with her only. When she goes to sleep she will carry that with her and see that it will be on her side on the bed. As soon as she gets up from sleep she looks for the toy.
    A very well narrated story by the author in a very interesting way. I wish all the best to the author.

    always confident

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    A sweet and sour story which started from school but the fragrance was spread in their house. The hatred towards the new baby sister due to getting more attention of her parents was understood and made the girl understand that love is about sharing and caring. Small and intelligent handling of students can bring a lot of change in the attitude of children. Children just want to be loved and cared and they melt very easily which is depicted in the story. The role of a teacher in moulding our children is very big and they can bring in a big change in this world. A small and loving talk changed the mind of Nancy and again made friendship between her and Nikita her Benchmate. This is again a sweet story that we might have seen in most of our schooling days and took us to our schooling days.
    “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in." — Morrie Schwartz

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    An interesting story full of sentiments. The barbie doll has narrated the things from its perspective but the reader gets the message in a nice way as how the doll is affected amid the harsh fight between the children.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Little girls always develop attachment to Barbie in all form and pet them much. Here the core character is the Barbie box. The story goes as told by the Barbie box.
    Many messages are included in the story. Hence it suffers the compulsion of cramping more events in a short story. But still it is well done.

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