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    A humble word of appreciation for the ISC editors

    Whenever I write a post or article or answer to a question, it is my habit to thoroughly check it for any errors and then only submit it. A few days ago I wrote an answer to a question and then the next step was to check it for errors (which are usually there) but I had some distraction and I had to go to attend that. After I came I simply forgot to check and submitted only to find after 3-4 days that it was moved to pending status and then I corrected it and resubmitted and it was approved. This happened with me after a long time of course due to my mistake only.

    What I want to highlight from this example is that ISC editors (voluntary editors) are spending a lot of time in checking each and every submission in it and seeing the large number of posts, articles and other items, it is definitely a massive task. So, the editors are having a big role and their contribution is praiseworthy in the progress of ISC. I simply wanted to put up this humble word of appreciation for them. Members may please share their experiences.
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    With more than eleven years at my disposal for being associated with this site I am seeing some dedicated editors of this site who are also members like us but given the task of editing which they are doing in their spare time. And we know it is not the paid job and yet the editors are doing their service to the betterment of this site. Few days back one of my post about to be deleted and sent to pending section. And the post need to be modified for the heading but the editor has not given any suggestion. But I took it granted and changed the heading and found that the post was brought back to the forum and not put on pending or deleted. There has been considerable change in the thought process of the editorial board and we the members are also bound to act according to the posting guidelines and rules. Great work editors.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Mr Umesh, you are right. The team of editors are doing hard work for the site and it is volunteer contribution since the amount for editing is negligible.

    I mostly contribute in the article section, and many times the editors themselves corrected the typo error, HTML tags, etc. I do not have more knowledge about SEO, and I have found that the editors have changed the title of my article for SEO. Really, salute the whole team of editors and I have no words for their appreciations. A big thans to Mr Umesh to give a chance to thank our editos through this thread.

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    On behalf of the team, thank you. We appreciate this gesture.
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    It is absolutely a great work that requires both time and dedication. Above all to look into every aspect, to solve each and every status and to decide upon its publishing status is indeed a task that requires concentration.
    The amazing thing about ISC is after we publish an article, within a day it is approved, even the results of the contests are announced within two or three days and this is highly appreciable. As soon as the month gets over we have the list of the payments with us and as soon as the invoice is filled payment is done. Hats off to the editors and webmasters for the quick action.
    We really learn a lot from you.

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

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    What you said is true. I could also see a sea change in the attitude of editors. There is a tremendous improvement in the working of Editors. It was not the case in the past. Editors never used to pay attention to the AE and Forum section. They were only good in the Article section. These days, they are very sincere to care the AE and the Forum section, and they try to edit the Forum threads and responses without thinking of deleting the threads.

    Yesterday, they shifted my Wisdom and knowledge from AE to Forum Section for discussion. A wise decision.

    Editors, you are excellent in your performance. Keep it up.

    No life without Sun

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    I am new but able to understand that this site has a dedicated team of members as a driving force! Whoever may be the webmaster, editor or a member of this site, would definitely want to add value apart from earning points and cash rewards.

    Rather than calling it a site, we probably call it a closed community open for multiple perceptions to discuss. Lucky me.

    Thanks for the soulful appreciation for the work for editors. I submitted my first article too waiting for feedback.

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    Yes. They have to read definitely all the AE questions and answers. Then only they can give points and CC. A lot of work is there for them in the AE section. The Editors are doing this very brilliantly. These days many are giving very elaborated answers for the questions and the Editors has to send more time for that. But they are doing it without any deviations.
    The activity in the forum section is also very high and the editors have to monitor this section also very carefully. It required good efforts and concentration and editors are doing an excellent job in that. When a good job is done we must appreciate the work and that will give the editors some encouragement. That way we should thank the author of this thread as he has given us a chance to speak our mind about the excellent work that is being carried out by them
    I congratulate all the members of the Editorial Board for their excellent work and I wish them all the best.

    always confident

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    I also feel that ISC is a great community of learners as well as knowledge seekers and this is a place where you anyway learn only. I am so happy with the beautiful comments of the members and thank everyone in joining me to show our gratitude. All the best and keep contributing.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Many times I have got good suggestions from the editors regarding improving some of the deficiencies in my articles or other submissions. For us that feedback is very important and then we improve our write ups. I also feel that volunteering editors are contributing much in ISC and that reflects from the progress and success of the site in the tough and competitive internet arena. Many sites are not doing good after the virus threat grappled the world but ISC is still maintaining its status and I wish it more and more success in coming times. All the best.
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    Reading all new posts or articles or queries is a difficult task to perform itself. Kudos to all editors for their dedication and sincerity.

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    Editors in ISC are a lot getting more brickbats than bouquets. We have to be aware that they are voluntary editors coming willingly from among members.. Personally I had felt that they may not be getting the compensation commensurate with the time and efforts put in by them.
    Even amidst the many disagreements and disappointments against editors, we occasionally see threads in Forum expressing appreciation to ISC editors.
    The author had also posted a similar thread in the past.

    I give links to some such threads appreciating editors.

    ISC Editors and Lead Editors Really Make Us 'Favor' - A Short Story

    What on earth are Editors doing? What is the role of Editors?
    Thanks to the Editors

    The following is a portion quoted from my response(in2017)to a thread expressing gratitude to ISC editors.
    "Though gratitude is a needed quality for every one, in the case of ISC editors it is not gratitude that they expect. It is the acceptance and acknowledgement of the extra work they put in to sustain the site and the sense of empathy we need to have on them.
    ......................................................Even in our daily life, it is any time quite easy to say 'had I been in his/her place...". In many cases that is mere self- superiority feeling when actually it may be an outward manifestation of some other feelings like helplessness, jealousy and envy. It is only when we wear the shoe that we come to know where and how it bites.
    Only a mother knows what the labour pain is. For others, they can only imagine and easily theorise on it as if it is a headache or body ache."

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    Tap on the back is a good feature, it is really necessary to boost the morale of editors. Most of the time they are behind us like teachers, correcting our mistakes. They may get irritated also when we could not follow but still, their approach is valuable in our lives at ISC. I feel a family bond with most of the members here and know a few members for years together.
    It gives me a soothing relief when I communicate and express my thoughts here. Kudos! to the editors, to generate this feeling in me.

    Lead the leader

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    You have presented the feelings of members in nutshell through your excellent, amazing and elaborate response.

    Knowledge is power.

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