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    Why every issue ends up in blaming other parties?

    Any step taken by the government or anything happening to the country randomly every time anything is asked from the MLAs or MPs or any other political leader I have seen a numerous times that every fight ends up with blames on the other party.

    Recently, the China' s illegal actions against our Indian soldiers has become a major issue. The forces are completely involved in bringing out a solution for the benefit of the citizens so that they can't be harmed in any way. All the forces are thinking about how to protect the country, meanwhile I heard about a verbal fight broke between the political leaders of two different parties blaming each other saying that this has started when xyz(names shouldn't be taken) party leaders went to China for signing a treaty in which they signed a pact depicting they will be sharing all information about their country's enrichment. The blame was further carried to the level of accusing the leaders of being crooks.
    In other incident I saw leaders fighting and saying that due to surgical strikes and air strikes done by our country under the guidance of so and so leader, other countries have become our enemies.

    Why all the political parties don't understand that we are a country and instead of fighting amongst ourselves if we unite and think for the benefit of the country and its countrymen it would create wonders and India might become a superpower in merely a few years.
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    That has become the habit of these days politicians. They want to make an issue even when there is no issue. The very reason for this is the greed for power. Everybody wants to be in power. They think by making adverse remarks about the opposite party leaders, they will get much popularity. So they always do that.
    Many of them are never interested in the welfare of the country. If you see Mahabharat, Bhishma and Vidura are the two individuals who always think about Hasthinapuram and its people. But Drutharatra is more interested in his son and Duryodhana always thinks about throwing out Pandavas. Either Drutharatsrta and Duryodhana never worried about the country. These days politicians are like Drutharastra and Duryodhana only.
    If you see an old leader who dedicated themselves to the country and its welfare. LalBahdur Sastry is on great example for selfless politicians. Even today there may be one or two such leaders but they will never be allowed to work in a proper way.

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    Nice post from the author. What I have been watching all these years that if the opposition party comes to power, they start digging the past corruption acts of previous govt and for that they waste three to four years and remaining one year allotted to their governance which may not be liked by the people who were promised of the moon and done nothing. For example when YS Jagan under took padayatra and met the people and taken their complaints we thought he would address all their problems but what we are seeing is the digging of Chandrababu Naidu govt omissions and commissions and he has forgotten his promises. Now the voters are feeling that Chandrababu was better than Jagan. I think the author has got the reply from my post. Indian politicians never prove themselves and win instead they take action on past misadventures and want to win.
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    Every party wants to come in power and run the country and have all the facilities which ruling party should have. This is a universal phenomenon and is present everywhere across the globe. Sometimes individual ambitions also play a major role in determining these things. Now the primary objective of a group is to come in power and they would do all sort of things and manipulations to reach that throne. One of the most common thing is blame the other party and mislead the people so that the particular party does not get enough vote to come in power. It is interesting to note that some parties would blame the ruling party but when they come in power they would simply do same things that the earlier party was doing may be in an inferior way. Then the other party would start blaming them. So this is the way that political mileage are achieved by these people and most of their time goes in blaming each other rather to work for the common objectives.
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    It hardly matters for the opposition if the ruling government is on the right track and people are happy under the present regime. If such a situation prevails, it is rather a sad news for them at least. They don't bother for the people welfare and prosperity.
    The opponents are in the habit of pinpointing the mistakes committed by the ruling party and their entire effort and energy would be directed towards destabilising the ruling. If we could curb such an attitude of the leaders, it could provide a right massage across the people and the leaders in turn would enjoy a better image in the society.

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    They blame each other as that is the easiest thing to do and the gullible people also take it on the face value which is totally different from the real picture. That is the way the politicians make their way ahead.
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    Playing blame game between ruling and opposition parties isn't any kind of outlandish phenomenon in Indian politics. It's has been in vogue for several decades and the same is endorsed by the common people as well. Some people support ruling party and some people like opposition. Interestingly, each and every statement of their respective beloved group especially in tv debates regardless of indecency or infra-dig is corroborated by them and they extend their support wholeheartedly.

    In a democratic system of governance we need to grow up as a matured and responsible citizen whether we are political or apolitical people.

    Our country is facing quite tough challenge from a highly aggressive belligerent enemy, at least, at this crucial juncture ruling and opposition parties forgetting all their political differences should come closer.

    I'm sure that all of us are with our government at this critical time.

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    Blaming others is the easiest escape route when someone does not have the solution or the ability to take responsibility to solve.
    Having worked in many forums and associations I have seen this. I have heard the co-members urging me to 'fight'. I never needed to fight because I knew how to make things work and get issues solved making everyone involved with a sense of participation. It is from such experience that I say that those who blame others are people who don't know or don't have the ability and sincerity to take up responsibilities and solve issues. They like to get attention and easy popularity by shouting, blaming and challenging. Many use this tactic to show they are active. That is all.

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