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    Fascinating patterns of shadows

    Remember the time when you were a kid and your parents or siblings would entertain you with a story through shadows on the wall, these created with the hands and fingers? Dogs, cats, deer, birds, and butterflies would come alive on those walls. Surely some of you as parents or grandparents will now be entertaining the children at home in the same manner. During childhood there were also those outdoor fun times, trying to catch the shadows of other kids or even one's own shadow.

    As an adult, do you look at shadows real closely? Look outside your windows and see the lovely design created by a flowering plant or a tree, small or large, on the compound ground or wall and on the road. Check out the shadow created by the milkman's bicycle with its large milk cans (yes, he may come really early but shadows maybe there, created by the street light). Indoors, when the sunbeams playfully dance on the walls, floor or furniture, look at the unique patterns created by shadows. Note how even a single sliver of the sun throws a pattern on the kitchen floor.

    If you have never bothered to notice shadows, then it's time you did! Believe me, it will open up a fascinating new vista. Snap up some with your camera and share them here if possible (up to three maximum). Let us know, too, what you perceived in the design of the shadow.
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    During my childhood, my grandfather used to tell me how to calculate the time in the night by measuring the size of the shadow. Many times he used to get almost a correct timing only. But I never concentrated and understood the same. We used to see the shadows and see at them to find different shapes of birds and animals. My granddaughter will be getting afraid of seeing these shadows. But her grandmother tries to explain her and see that she will get accustomed to seeing these shadows. Slowly she started weeping now when sees the shadows.
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    This has rekindled my memories of my school days when I was probably in class XI or XII or may be in B.c. Part-I (Year 1967 to 1969). We were fascinated by shadows of all kinds whether projection of hand figures on the wall or the sun dial or things like that. The most interesting was the inverted shadow or image that I would now come to as below.

    I was living in a hilly town and our house was facing in North-East direction and one room was in the almost a west direction. The house was of course old type with stone walls and full wooden windows. Just in the western direction there went a road which was almost at the same level as the room windows that I am talking about. We kept those windows closed to avoid dust from the road. So because of wooden windows there were many lose points between wood panels from where a thin line of sun rays entered the room and at about 3 PM to 5 PM we saw these rays entering the room and slowly subsiding towards evening. One day we thought to find out what we would observe if we project that on some screen. So we closed the doors and darkened the room as much as possible by closing all other windows also. We kept a white sheet of cloth just cutting the one of the sun rays and to our amusement we saw a round of light through which we saw cycles, people, vehicles going from one direction to other but everything was inverted as this small hole in the window made the whole thing as a pin-hole camera. It was fascinating and I still remember it.

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    I am the keen observer of shadows during the childhood and even today. Shadows bring in variant patterns much to our enjoyment and continue with the happenings. During the child when the power goes we used to have the candle light and that would throw big shadow and we used to have the cat, dog and the flying birds through hands and that was a fascinating feeling and the time would pass with fun. When we are traveling in road out of the city or town the sun rays on the far would create the shadow of our own. And when the bullock cart is seen in the back drop of dawn the shadow would be lovely and large to enjoy. And what fascinated more that the shadow of the airplane which looks big and yet pass very fast. Our house is the path way of airport landing in those days and the airplane low on our side and that would look big and big shadow comes first.
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    I remember during my childhood we had no electricity in our place and we used to light up either the kerosine lantern or a small kerosine lamp which sometimes did not have a glass over it. We used to put our hand and fingers in between the lantern and the wall and would try to make different shapes of our fingers and palms to get some shadow on the wall and once we got that shape of some animal head or any such interesting thing then everyone laughed loudly and all of us enjoyed this fun activity. Some of us were able to create so many shadows on the wall.
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    This thread is more like a poetical piece or has a bit philosophical touch which recalls our childhood memories back rather alive in our sight. Playing with shadows or making shadows in different shapes with our head, hands, legs, fingers and also with different things like toys used as props was quite fascinating game for children.

    In the course of time all these childhood activities gradually are left behind and we get inclined to other activities for having fun, nevertheless, their shadows never die.

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    I also recall those science classes at school where we learned about the solar and lunar eclipses.

    Here's a photo I took on 8th April during the lockdown. After I clicked it, it seemed that part of the shape created by the shadow on the window's curtain resembles the wavy logo of Microsoft and even such a small thing excites me!

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    Shadows are always an interest to children. They enjoy different patterns falling on walls by holding hands and fingers, body and other objects in front of light. I was also doing so and enjoying and researching. Mother used to discourage us from that saying we would be seeing bad drams in our sleep thinking of the weird shadows.
    In school there was an item 'shadow play' for youth festival in our time. e will be keeping a white cloth as screen. There will be good light source. The play or drama will be like the usual drama or play, but importance being on the correct shadow falling on the screen. It needed some creative sense also to make it entertaining. I had participated in a few shadow plays in school.

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