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    A story with a puzzle to solve

    A story with a puzzle to solve.

    A poor guy borrowed money from a rich guy. The poor guy could not pay back the money to the rich guy as assured within a time frame. The poor guy had a beautiful daughter. The rich guy's evil eye fell on her. The rich guy demanded the poor man's daughter to marry him in lieu of the money. The poor man and his daughter refused. The rich guy threatened them that he would send the poor man to the jail. However, he opted for something as a solution.

    As they all were standing on a pebble-strewn, The rich guy proposed an alternate solution to settle the issue through a draw. He said, "Two pebbles, one white and one black would be placed in a bag. The girl should pick up one pebble. If she picks up the black pebble, she should marry him, and all the money borrowed would be waived off. If she picks up the white pebble, the girl will be set free, and the money borrowed would also be waived off. If the girl disagrees to pick up any pebble, her father would be sent to jail." They consented for the draw.
    The rich man brought a bag. He bent down and picked up two black pebbles thinking that the girl did not notice it, but the girl watched him putting two black pebbles inside the bag. He asked the girl to pick up a pebble from the bag.

    Now, what the girl should have done.
    1. She should have refused to pick up the pebble from the bag.
    2. She should have exposed the rich man as a cheat.
    3. She should have picked up a black pebble and sacrificed her life and saved her father.

    But, with her intelligence, she acted cleverly and did not marry him, and she got all the money waived off and saved her father from going to jail.

    How was this possible? What did she do?
    Please think and post your answer
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    This is a Chinese story and I have heard it many times in my childhood.
    The girl was quite clever, she takes out a pebble from the bag hiding it with her hand and cleverly drops the pebble down.
    Then she speaks aloud that the pebble mistakenly has been dropped but that won't be an issue because the left over pebble will tell them what was the colour of the pebble she actually chose.
    Since the pebble in the bag was black, it was clear for others that she picked up a white pebble.
    This was how she saved her life and the money borrowed was also waived off.

    Let's enlighten paths with the ray of knowledge.
    Monika Kushwaha

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    Very nice story. This story I have also read and the solution is already given in the above post. However, I think we can have a different ending also. The girl kept a white pebble in her and hiding it from other people. She will put her hand in the bag and take out the hand show all of the people the white one. While showing that pebble she will invert the bag so that the two black pebbles were get dropped on to the ground and no one can notice that. Hiding a pebble in the hand is not difficult when the rich guy is able to pick both black pebbles.
    always confident

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    Monika & Dr Rao,
    While the answer giver by Monika proves that the girl is a sincere girl with good intelligence, Dr Rao's answer suggests that the girl is also a clever but cunning girl like the rich guy.
    Monika Response - The rich guy is a cheat and the girl is clever and decent.
    Dr. Rao's Response - The rich guy is a cheat and the girl is clever and bold.

    Dr. Rao, How can the girl bend down and pick up a white stone in advance and hide it? It is not possible. And she could not have done it in advance before the black pebbles were picked up by the rich guy.

    No life without Sun

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    There is nothing like which is impossible. When the rich guy is able to take out two black pebbles, why the girl can't take a white one. She might have also thought like the rich guy and made her arrangements in advance. It is purely guesswork.
    always confident

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    Dr. Rao,
    So, Both the rich man and the poor man's daughter are cunning guys. Right?
    No. As per Monika, the poor man's daughter is a gentle, decent, intelligent and clever girl that she acted well by picking and dropping the black pebble which is quite natural that can happen.

    No life without Sun

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