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    A memorable school box gift from my uncle

    During our school days we were not in a position to have luxuries like even an ordinary pencil box. Today it may look unbelievable but it was the fact of life at that time. Anyway I had a school bag in which there were pockets and I kept my things like pencil, eraser etc in that. Everything was valuable for me as replacement was not so easy. The bag was very comfortable and there was absolutely no problem. I used that bag for about 4-5 years continuously. I had a habit of making sketches with pencil and sometimes I made some landscapes also. My uncle
    worked in a remote place
    and was having a meagre salary and used to come home once in a year as his family was in our ancestral village nearby. Generally he had 20 days leaves and he used to spend some time with us also as he loved us much.

    During one such occasion, one day I was making some sketch with pencil and my uncle saw me doing it. He also had interest in it and he told me to bring the pencil box so that he would use the pencil and eraser etc to show me how the advanced sketches are made. I brought my bag and opened it and from the pocket took out the things and he noticed that I did not have any box for keeping pencils or small things like that. He showed me how to make some mountain ranges and rivers and water flowing or stationary water with the help of pencil and eraser. It was so nice and engrossing. He went back to the village and told us that he would come 2-3 days before leaving for his job.

    A few days later he came and stayed with us. He had two kids - one son and one daughter in the village who were going to village school and were in class III and V. He told us that he had purchased one school bag, a few copybooks and a few books etc for them and then he took out one paper wrapped item from his bag and gave it to me. I was curious and excited and opened it and it was a pencil box made of tin. It was new and shining like anything. I did not know how to thank him. Inside the box there were 3 pencils of different grade and also one eraser and one sharpener. It was really a great thing for me and I ran to my mother to show it to her and she was much delighted and was thanking to the uncle. That was the first pencil box in my life and I kept it for quite a long time as being a metal box it remained as it is and only thing is it faded slightly in its glitter. Later, I used it for keeping my pens and such things. My uncle is no more today in this world but I remember him for his generosity towards us when we really required things like an ordinary pencil box.

    This is my entry for creative writing contest on school box.
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    When we were children the most attracted things to us are the school box and pencil box. And when some one gives the school box as gift our joy has no bounds. The author has nicely conveyed this feeling through this competition thread and that has evoked my childhood feelings too. In those days the birthdays are not celebrated with cakes or parties, but giving the required items to the studying child and that may be set of note books, color pencils, clay and even the text books. But there are people who donated the school box which was durable, adorable and a pride factor for every child.
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    Yes. Those days many people were having difficult situations and not able to get whatever they wanted. So they were managing with whatever is available for them. Definitely, if somebody gives a good item as a presentation, it will be a very happy moment for the kid and he will be very happy.
    I also received many items like this from my grandfather and other relatives. I remember a small incident. I went to my grandfather's house. Their neighbour's son was wearing a black shirt which was looking very good. I told my grandfather that the shirt of that boy was very beautiful. After a week, he went to the nearest city and he brought a similar shirt and gave me as a gift. Still, I remember that incident.
    The author made a good presentation. Nice story.

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    This is a good narration of childhood memories. During our childhood if some near and dear person gives us some gift or help then we remember him for a long time and cherish his memories always during our life span.
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    I too remember using jute school bag having two pockets which were used as pockets to keep pencils, scales, rubber/eraser, sharpener/blade, pen, etc. It was normally light brown or fluorescent yellow in colour. We used to call it military bag as it was seen in movies being used by them. During our time, many students were using it but slowly, things changed and newly designed bags came up with two compartments and two small pouches for holding pencil and lunch boxes. Sometimes when we read or think about that olden times, we feel that the kids of the new era miss many small and lovely things which were the sunshine of '80s and '90s.
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    Many of us keep such memorabilia at home. We have a sort of sentimental attachment to them. It is not the price or look or utility that matters. But they have sentimental value; a sort of umbilical attachment. They then become objects for storytelling the next generation. Until such stories and the emotional attachments are explained to them they consider them as useless wastes cluttering space

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