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    The fear has gone. People ready to face future challenges

    When we meet the people on the road and ask about their three month life and future program they are simply saying that they have adjusted to the past and know the challenges of future and have made quick changes to their living by pursuing changed job or some own business and even started children to rear up in the changed circumstances. That they induced austerity measures my indulging in necessity spending, no purchases which are not required for present, no parties and celebrations with families and friends and thus started living a new life for their own survival.
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    It is required. One should come to a settlement with the conditions in society and we have to adjust ourselves to have a decent life. We have to make our own ways and means to lead our life with at least minimum necessities take care of. So this is a good sign that people are looking for their ways and means to make their living normal.
    We have to search for a job if we lost our job or we have to think of our own business. We have to make our own efforts to see that we will be able to see our family will have necessities at least.

    always confident

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    Many people have realised that life is much more than materialistic goals fulfillment. It's much more than unnecessary goals fulfillment. People have realised and reviewed their resolution. Life is all about creating rather than complaining about problems. There's no end to problems. Solution's are found and sometimes we fail to find the solution. We shouldn't lose hope. We must be happy with all we possess.
    If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

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    The ongoing Covid-19 threat has taught us many lessons and now it seems that we have to live with this enemy for some more times. More is the delay in inventing cure for it, more our agony would extend. Still, people are now learning to live with it which practically means to take utmost care in our relationships with people and we have to curtail all our unnecessary visits or travels to different places which earlier we were doing mainly for fun. Let us see how much we are successful in adopting to this new life style.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Coronavirus issue was hyped by the media unnecessarily. It created panic. cases are increasing everyday but it's not affecting common people now.

    Somebody asked me some easy questions, I tried to explain him but I couldn't satisfy him.

    When there is no medicine of this virus how the patient can be cured?

    When the patient can be cured by 14 days quarantine then if the patient uses the mask and keep social distancing then what is need of 14 days isolation for him.

    If all people of a city are infected with this virus they don't need even social distancing and wearing mask as they're already infected and after 14 days they will automatically be cured.

    No patient can be cured until he is treated on ventilator. Hospitals don't have this facility or have insufficient number of ventilators then how patients are cured.

    Most of Patients who have been reported died of coronavirus were already patients of other serious diseases.

    If 1 lac people are tested per day then all 130 crore people will be tested in almost 36 years provided that no new baby is born further.

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    The risk is not eliminated nor has subsided. What we do now is taking a prudent calculated risk by putting in place all precautions and needed preparations. There should not be any overconfidence and negligence of needed caution.
    Even now there is not an effective cure for this infection. Even now the understanding about the virus is not full and complete. But it is understood that to a major extent the infection can be kept at bay if we take all due precautions and preparations. We go out only because of absolute necessity and our exposure should be kept to the minimum and we have adequate protection as per guidelines.
    Time has not yet come for rejoicing.

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    Due to the quick succession of initial lock downs the virus threat was slowed down and the spread was checked significantly. But as soon as the relaxations were announced in order to bring the economy back and provide employment to the people, the virus is again rising its head above and infecting more and more people. It is true that we have learned many lessons during this period and every one is mentally prepared also for the next lock downs but the thing is how much time we can sustain like that if the vaccine or drug for this infection is not invented. This is a challenging time for the scientist community and all the citizens who are required to follow certain measures of safeguarding themselves from this deadly virus. Every one is telling that we have to live with this virus. It means to live in fear as damocles sword would always be hanging on our heads.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Nature has taught a lesson to us. Few people have understood and followed them as per the instructions but few are still in the jolly go mood to stroll around the streets without any purpose.
    Lead the leader

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