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    Hanuman - the great confidence creator

    When Sita has been counting days at the Ashoka vanam where she was under the watchful eyes of Ravana's guards to pacify her to marry him as eight months passed and Ram has discarded her. But when Hanuman visits her for the first time he did not approach her directly. He created confidence in her by chanting Ram name, singing the praise of Lord Ram and mentions about his personality and even brought the Sudamani given by the Ram to show to Sita to believe. Still Sita had apprehensions that Ravana has been playing tricks in guise of Monkey. But with the more confidence talk Hanuman guarantees to Sita, she believes him and also shares one secret to him to be told to Ram when Hanuman reaches him.
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    Hanuman is considered a source of immense power in our scriptures. It is said that being a devotee of Lord Rama, Hanuman got special powers to destroy the enemy. Hanuman's devotion for Rama is unparalleled and is exemplary.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Hanuman is Great. I would like to share something here.
    His birth story is a mystery. He was struggling to come out of his mother Anjana's womb. Lord Shiva and Parvathi came for help. Yet they could not. Lord Shiva sought the help of Lord Viswakarma to bring Hanumaan out from his mother's womb. When Viswakarma came to the spot, he asked Hanuman, "Hi Vayuputra, What's the problem? why are you hesitating to come out?" Hanuman replied, "O' My Lord Viswakarma. I am naked. I do not wish to come out with a naked body. If you provide me a Langode, Golden cross-belt and a Gaddha, I would come out easily." Viswakarma said, "Okay. Given. Take it and come out." Hanuman came out and thanked Viswakarma for the help he rendered. He promised that he would adore the Flag of Viswakarma forever.

    The above is a story I read. Also, I find the figure of Hanuman at the center of the five colour flag owned by the Viswakarma community.

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    Recently I heard a motivational talk forwarded to me in Whatsapp. The speaker took Hanuman as example to teach principles of Management. He took many examples from Ramayana to explain management principles.
    I was quite interesting to hear the familiar contexts from Ramayana like Hanuman bringing the Sanjeevini etc being interpreted in a new way to teach management.

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    At present Lord Hanuman is prayed to get rid of Corona virus and its spread and lots of pujas and havans are being performed.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Hanuman is really a very strong person. There is no death for him and lives forever. We will see him in Mahabharatam also. When Pandavas were in the forest, Bima goes somewhere and while coming back he saw a very old monkey on the road and monkey's tail was there across the road. So Bhima asked that vanara to remove the tail and give him the way. The monkey told Bhima to lift the tail and make way by himself. Bhima tried to remove that tail but not able to move the same a little also. Then Hanuma gave darshan to Bhima and blessed him. In the course of the discussion,
    These days we see the idols of Hanuman in many places and people perform pooja to him. He is the strong believer of Rama and he will help you if he knows that you are a devotee of Lord Rama. Hanuma is the backbone of the war between Rama and Ravana. He is only responsible for the recovery of Laxman who got injured in the same war.

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