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    What are your reasons for you being the believer or non-believer of God?

    In this world, there are people who believe in God(Theist) and similarly, there are people who do not believe in God (Atheist). People have their own reasons to believe or not to believe in God. I believe in God and so I am a theist. My reasons to believe in God are-

    1. When we think scientifically also, all living creatures in the world have great orderly organization and their perfect functioning in an orderly way one cannot imagine when we know about our body and its functioning scientifically.
    2. How living organisms getting life while non-living objects not getting life is a mystery.
    3. Till now we can create life from pre-existing living cells but we cannot create new cells from non-living matter by our selves.
    4. The ancient knowledge we are getting from Vedas and various epics which are passed on from generation to generation. If nothing real was there, such scriptures could not have been written in any language.
    5. Without such hidden or unseen power, we cannot expect such a beautiful creation of different varieties of creatures including human beings and plants is not possible.

    I request members to provide their strong reasons, preferably scientific in nature and not based on any superstitious beliefs, with respect to their stand...
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    I am a believer in God.
    Many times when I am in difficulties, from some unknown areas I am getting some help and I am coming out of woods so far in my life. This only made me believe that God is there. God is a supernatural power which helps us in many ways.
    We say everything should be explained scientifically. But are we know science fully? Did anybody say, they have full knowledge of science to explain all happenings scientifically?
    Many unanswered questions like who is first egg or hen? We don't know? When we are not able to answer such questions we should accept that God is there.

    always confident

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    This is an interesting topic to discuss. Many people believe in God not because of some logic but due to their upbringing in an environment where religion is presented to them since early childhood. That is the reason why in some religions people are more stubbornly religious than other religions. It is good to be religious because it gives us a support to whom we can talk and pray in times of adversity or may be during all the times in our lives. Some people are actually religious to the account that they want some favour from the God in terms of affluence and worldly facilities. It is a type of selfishness where they expect from God but do not perform anything which is supposed to please the God in real terms. There is another category which believes in God just to have respect in the society because in the society if anyone says that he does not believe in God then the majority of the believers would see him with some doubtful eyes as if he has done some crime. It is a personal matter to believe in God or not and one type of people cannot convince the other category about it. No one knows whether God was discovered or invented because we do not have access to those events in the past. Who was the first human on Earth who could conceptualise about existence of the God is to be found to answer all these ambiguities. If a non believer gets some set back then the believers immediately say that this happened because he did not believe in the Almighty. So, the fight between the believers and non believers would continue and never end.
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    Frankly speaking, I don't believe in God much but still, I believe there is a supernatural power which has created us. I don't go to the temples or keep fasts like many people do to please God. I am against it as I don't understand how does God gets pleased by keeping our body in pain.

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    My reasons for firmly believing the existence of God is that people are of no use when they are well off and yet would not even inquire about our well being and needs. I am of firm opinion that there is a strong strength which is operating in favor of us and that is nothing but God presence. Sometimes we are guided to the right path and ask us to wait for few minutes because something bad going to happen had we ventured at the prescribed time. I have seen that people are getting a new lease of life in the whisker seconds and that is nothing but God's direction to take right action. Only yesterday I saw a video in which a person was chased by tiger and he was about to be caught when he took the sudden left turn to which the tiger could not keep the pace and fell down. This is surely a God sent idea for that person who survived in seconds.
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    I would reiterate that believing in God is a personal choice but at the same time there are some interesting observations by people made across the globe and one such point is about the existence of a super power somewhere in the universe either at a particular place known as heaven in many mythologies or disseminated everywhere. Now in various communities in the world there are different narrations of that super power and each one of them says that their God is most powerful and is actually the real God. So it raises a confusion and riddle in the mind of rational and logical people as who is the supreme head of the universe. Which one of them? Even if we assume that one of them is supreme then what is his (His) source? How he (He) came in existence? Biological or spiritual? So these are the questions that come in the mind of people who think beyond the horizons and are considered insane by some of the religious people.
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    Beliving or not believing in God depends on each person. Some say it is the supernatural power, some say it is science, some say it is God, etc. We are taught from our birth that there is some power and we call it the power of God as written in the holy scriptures. Bhagwat Gita, Holy Bible, Quran, etc every scripture have their explanation of how everything was created and how it will end. We say God is loving God, jealous God, forgiving one, caring, listening, reaching and helping one. We have read about their reincarnation, their life on this earth, their way of living, they took the form of a human to show that it is how it is written.

    We believe or science says that earth is round but still we stand in a flat place, science tells that we are on the top of the earth yet we never fall as we are held by gravity, science tells that about 71% of the Earth's surface is covered by water yet we have dry land, science says that an estimate of 8.7 million species live on Earth i.e. 6.5 million species on land and 2.2 million in oceans yet we have land and water for more. We have earthquakes, drought, flood, tsunami, accidents, epidemics/pandemics yet there is an increase in population, we have pain yet people enjoy life, some die early while some live for years, every day there are new inventions yet we are attached to our roots, we have started finding of other planets and satellites yet we find only earth the place to live, we have over 7.3 billion human population yet everyone is different with different fingerprint, etc. Who is it then doing such wonder? Is it science or someone more above it and everyone called him "God" our creator.

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