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    Are offline admissions beneficial?

    During college days, we stood in a queue to get the college admission form, then in another queue to submit it, and, on getting admission, in a third queue to pay the college fees. At the school level, parents stood in queues to obtain the school admission application form and then later to submit it and pay the fees. Those days are well back in the past, what with technology advances and online admissions now the norm.

    Are there any schools or colleges still having the earlier offline admissions' system? Do you think the offline admission process would have benefits today in the light of streamlined online admission procedures? Let's analyze the possibility without the current scenario of the pandemic.
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    There are some schools and colleges in remote and interior regions especially in hilly regions in our country where offline admissions are done and the candidates have to reach the place and be in the queue for same.
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    Online admissions are better in many ways. Offline admission means you have to be present at the prescribed time at the prescribed place with all the required papers and money. But online admission means you can get it done from your place of staying and you can pay the fees online and you can submit the papers by scanning them. You need not keep cash with you. You can easily transfer the money online. You can be ready with all the scanned copies which you have to upload. By any chance you missed anyone, then and there you can take it from your file and scan and upload. Travelling time and money will be saved. Another advantage is you can look 2 or 3 sites online at the same time. Sometimes our seat allotment will be subject to vacancies. If the time given by two institutes is same also there is no problem. You can open both and join in the institution where you got the seat finally. But is offsite means we can't go to two places at the same time.
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    Somehow I feel that though it is indeed more convenient to have online admissions, nevertheless, there was a unique experience to offline admissions. We got to interact with others in the queue and swap our experience at another college, perhaps get some valuable information about the other college. The offline admission allowed us to gain entry into the campus and while not exactly gaining access to all parts of the campus, only at the office floor, still it was a look-around-and-feel-the-vibe kind of thing.

    The online admission process can be more stressful as you need to be very careful that you enter all the data absolutely accurately with no errors. You just cannot enter the wrong data anywhere as the chance to edit and correct is gone once the online application fee payment is done. Don't forget the nightmarish technical glitches as well that can arise. Yes, offline too you need to take care to fill up the application form properly, but there was the chance to later put in a written request to make a correction in the form. I recall we were also given a chance to change our choice of a subject if we wished to do so, though within one month or something like that.

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