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    My complimentary lunch box during my high school studies.

    That was the year 1968. I was in my 8th class. The school was about a kilometre from my house. We used to go on foot. We were carrying our lunch boxes.

    Our neighbour is that village administrator (In Telugu they will be known as Karanams). Their son was admitted in class 6th in the same school that year. The village administrator's wife requested me to accompany her son while going and coming back, as he was new to that school. Even though she was a housewife, she used to advise on many issues regarding studies. She was telling us about the problems we face if we get accustomed to Cramming in education (cramming) in a very nice way. Because of that intimacy, I accepted her request.

    I used to pick him up while going and drop him back in the evening. She used to give a lunch box to her son and another small box with some snacks. She started giving me also a small box with the same snacks. During lunchtime, I along with my other friends used to eat those snacks. My friends used to call that small box as a complimentary lunch box. As soon as I come into the class my friends used to search for this box to vacate that. Somehow, I used to manage to hide the same. This went on like this for about six months.

    After 6 months that boy started going with his classmates and she stopped giving me the complimentary snacks. Even after so many years, during my visits to my new place if I meet that person we remember those days.

    This is my entry to the contest
    creeative writing contest
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    I appreciate your thoughts which are real and full of emotions. It's quite nostalgic. The crisp school lunch box story of yours is very creative. It's easy to visualise by reading once. The choice of words is lucid. The message is comprehensive.
    I hope you receive more and more appreciation and support in order to win the contest.

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    Old memories are sometimes so nostalgic. We remember cordial and simple people throughout our lives. A good narration by the author rekindling his school days memories of friendship and helping each other.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    That's good complimentary gift you used to get in return of taking that boy to school and from school to home. May be that's the reason you never denied to take this boy to the school. But that's good that you helped that lady as she was new in that area.

    Nice write up...but please read the rules you have to give at least one link which is missing.


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    Thank you, Sanjeev. I missed that point. Now I made that correction. Once again I thank you for the help. Thank you, Annu Yadav and Neru Bhatt for your good words.
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    The complementary lunch box is something not heard so far and probably the author got that for taking care of village administrator child.
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    We all love to get something and a gift is always what make us smile and work more. The complimentary lunchbox by the village admininstrators family for giving their son the company and making him one in the crowd was what they wanted as at any new place, it becomes difficult to make new friends and get good company. Till the children gets along the new school and place, it is very difficult to make them understand as they always fell lonely but your company help their son to cope with the loneliness and also helped him to make new friends faster and get along the new place. A true and original story for the contest.
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    Story from the good old times, when there was not much jealousy and selfishness among classmates. The women folk and people at home also considered classmates of their children as their own children. Sharing caring the children came as a default emotion and behaviour.
    This story depicts such a mother who liked to serve food and snack to the classmate of her child also as equal to her child. People can imagine or may have experience as to what happens in present days.
    A story of goodness..

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    It is a good boost and a tricky idea used by your neighbour to accompany her son at the initial days. These days snacks box are heavier in quantities than the lunch box.
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