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    Are lady photographers exist?

    As we see ladies or women or female gender exist in almost all places of working departments they are running an Auto, Aeroplane, tractor, Lorry, and doing all kinds of services for leading life or for survival even nowadays in saloon shop also there are female barber exists. As in Photo studio's had you ever saw a lady photographer. If not, Why there are no Lady photographers? What will be the reason for it? Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    I have not seen lady photographers in the photo studios or such places where photographs are taken and then given to us after some time. But I have seen many women working as journalist and hanging a camera at their side for taking quick photographs at the site.
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    I have seen women photographers and videographers in certain Marriages and similar functions. In one marriage I saw a woman photographer. Later I came to know that she also did the make up to the bride. She and her husband were running an event management organisation and took the package contract for the marriage. I had also seen a few other women photographers taking photos in public and private functions.

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    I have not seen women photographers in general way of life but has seen the women videographer working for a television and I have seen the women photographers working for animal kingdom shoot in a television channel. The photography is male dominated profession as the job involves odd timings, visiting places and staying at long hours which are not suitable for ladies. Moreover the photography needs lots of understanding between the person and the photographer and being the lady the job would not sync with the demand of the work. Therefore there are less takers for the photography by women.
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    I Googled to find out names of Indian women photographers. Some of them are as follows:

    Sudha Mukesh:

    Monisha Ajgaonakar : The Photo Diary

    Aayushi Sachdeva & Kanishka Sonthalia : The wedding salad

    Rimi Sen

    Soumya Radesh : Weddart

    Vaijayanti Varma

    Chandni Dua

    Chetana Bhat

    Ankita Asthana : WeddingNama

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    In Moulali, Hyderabad there is a photo studio in which two girls will be working. If their master went outside, they will take the Photographs and develop and give you. My elder son's marriage video and Photographs are developed in that studio only. Generally, we use the services of that studio.
    For my brother's daughter's marriage, we have engaged the video services from a known party. A lady is also a member of the team of videographers who came for taking the video.
    These are the two examples I myself seen the females in this industry. There may be some lady photographers in cinema industry also. They are there in almost all the departments of a movie making and there will be definitely somebody in this department also.
    We will not find any field where ladies or not involved. In all the areas they are giving a tough competition to their male counterparts. Even in the military also there are ladies now.

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    Ladies have a keen interest in event management. I have noticed they are better observers and arrange the party halls supported by young girls to welcome and take care of guests. I haven't noticed any lady photographers till now in any functions but I have seen girls taking selfies inside and outside, covering all the scenarios of the party hall. They would never miss an occasion to post it in their social media sites or whatsapp status.
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