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    Enhance scientific knowledge feed irrespective of background

    In higher secondary school, we choose one stream - science/arts/commerce depending upon our interest. As we grow up with the passage of time, we realise that we live in an interdependent society. Science, commerce and arts work interdependently. Self-awareness is very important and helpful during this crucial times. The number of cases is increasing day by day. The situation is getting worse. Self-care must be a prority. Don't be a carrier of this dreadful VIRUS.
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    Some basic biological sciences should be taught in schools mandatorily. Many people are not taking the present virus threat as a real threat and thinking that there is nothing and unnecessarily hue and cry is made by some people to create fear in the minds of public at large. This is a pitiable condition that there is a part of population who is thinking on those terms and taking the things so lightly. This type of thinking should be to totally abolished from the society and the only way is to impart compulsory science education up to a certain level. That would definitely help.
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    I agree with your point of view. People are not self aware. Huge amount of panic is created without much cause. The consequences of this unnecessary and unimportant hue and cry is pitiful. The situation is getting worser and worser. Most of the cases is due to the panic created by unaware people.

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    In fact we must learn everything that comes our way, and over the passage of time we should not feel that we have neglected to learn something. Though we are all attached to a particular subjects and want to learn more and that does not mean we should discard the learning of other subjects. Though we need not read to write an exam but knowing science, arts, commerce is the good attitude for these days. And there is no age limit to learn the streams. Even at elder age we can go for second hand books being sold in many places and enhance the knowledge without a teaching from any one. One thing is sure, the more we learn, we have the opportunity to help our own child who tries to pose many questions during the nurturing and hence the parents must be ready to accept the challenge of enhanced knowledge for our own betterment.
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    Most of us say good bye to our books, once we get a degree in any one of streams such as science. arts or commerce. The very purpose of our studies is to gain employment and once we get jobs of our satisfaction, we hardly refer to any book for enhancing our knowledge.
    It is altogether a different matter when we are being troubled by our own kids to provide certain tips in relation to preposition, adjectives, punctuations and showing our blank faces in such situations would prove to be embracing. Let us avoid such awkward situation and pay a little attention to update our knowledge in such studies which fulfil their demands. In fact, life is itself very interesting if we explore the different avenues in the areas of studies.

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    True and I appreciate the thoughts of the author. Irrespective of what we study, we should have some awareness about the other fields also which will help us in our day to day life. That is why we all study all the subjects up to our tenth class. Only specialisation and selection will start from Intermediate only. In my tenth class, I studied maths, social studies, and sciences also.
    But we should start updating our knowledge in all the fields to some extent. A commerce student should have some knowledge about the sciences. Then only they can appreciate the importance of other subjects. One should understand the seriousness of the situation even though he has no knowledge about that particular issue.
    If the weather report says that there will be a cyclone, even though we don't now cyclones will happen and what is the theory behind, we should take proper care so that we will not be a victim for this cyclone. Same is the case with this virus. Many people are dying and our governments are advising us to be careful. One should understand the gravity and one should be careful. No scientific knowledge is required but a little general awareness is required.

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    Government and NGOs and media including social media did a lot to spread awareness. Some of the governmental propaganda in creating awareness is so simple and effective. I feel that overall there is good awareness now with people.
    However the media and social media made overkill and spread a lot of negative news that made/make people really scary and forget the core issue.
    The one common deficiency I find with even well educated people is wearing the mask wrongly. Many keep the mask below their nose. Wearing mask covering nose and mouth is definitely uncomfortable. So i is a natural behaviour to bring down the mask to breath easily. That is where we have to learn to control temptation and understand the significance of wearing mask correctly.
    This needs more attention from media and people. People have similar attitude with respect to helmets also. They wear it as if it is necessary to show the Police.
    Science education is not needed. Just common sense and cent percent compliance is what is needed.

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    It is said that whatever education one has it is of no use if one does not apply common sense. This common sense is very vital in our lives and is essential for the awareness that is required in tough and challenging situations. Today we are going through a pandemic which is still to be contained and controlled as eradication is a distant dream in absence of a drug or vaccine. So, it is imperative that people should be aware of this threat and should share their apprehensions with others also who are not so educated and aware of these things. I think it is the duty of the knowledgeable citizens to spread the awareness in this regard and insist people to act in certain precautionary ways. Every citizen has a duty in such times to not only get aware himself but make others also aware of the threats that are on the anvil. We should not take the things lightly. There are hidden dangers lurking everywhere.
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