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    Why petrol and disel prices are skyrocketing day after day?

    In lockdown time we heard the disel and petrol prices plunged because of no demand for them. But as lockdown is relaxed, the prices are day by day sky rocketing. Is it due to increase in international prices or it is due to our government policies to increase the cost? The base price of these oils are around 25-26 rupees only. Governments are collecting Rs.60 over the base price as tax, surcharge, GST etc. Is there any justice to collect such heavy taxes from common man to manage Indian economy. It seems Governments are mainly dependent on taxes from liquor sale and sale of petro products to manage their economies.
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    Govt seems to collect revenue from some sources to meet its huge expenses now as there would be decrease in revenue on many accounts like GST or Income Tax etc. Hence petroleum products and liquor sales seem to be two lucrative areas right now and then comes the volunteer contribution of people towards PM cares fund which is ale now a big source of revnue for the Govt.
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    Again the central government has started pinching very hard to take back all the largess which they announced through petrol price hike and the middle class are the worst hit. During the lock down the crude oil price was at the bottom and India purchased huge quantity and stored in various countries. Instead the govt should have passed on the benefit to customers and we would have happily cooperated now. But we have no options but to take on the rising fuel prices as there is no public transport and the trains and thus we are forced to shell more and the oil companies are benefiting a lot. Now and then the oil companies are citing the loss as their reason for increasing the price but now there is no hike in crude oil price still the oil companies chose to impose increased price which is not acceptable. Let there be huge protest on this.
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    Govt cannot take these decisions arbitrarily. There must be some yardsticks and benchmarks against which it would be working. It is true that petrol and diesel prices all over the world tumbled but is the present lot being sold in our country belongs to this latest purchase or it is the old costly one that was purchased earlier and now being sold in the Indian petrol pumps. This is an important point and if this is the reason then we should have a decrease of prices in near future when the present stock being received now is released in market. For example I found that the cooking gas prices are decreased recently. What is the basis on which it is done? If someone goes to SC and lodges a petition against petrol and diesel price hikes then the Govt coolly would show all these calculations and get free of these accusations.
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    @K Mohan:

    Our economy has been extremely poor for several quarters, further, this covid 19 has much more deteriorated our economy. Some of the economists are of opinion that our economy is going down from recession into depression and for coming out from depression more or less ten years will be required for the country. This is why government is increasing oil price and we as citizens should bear this price hike and should be ready to see more price hike in near future. However, for your satisfaction government will decrease one or two rupees in increased oil price.

    It's no use thinking of protest against this price hike as government does what is best in its sight.

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    All the sources of income to the government were closed and no money. But they have to run the show. How? They see various areas where they can increase taxes. Petroleum products are always are the products which will be sold irrespective of its cost. We all say they are increasing but we will never stop using personal vehicles and use public transport. Probably this point only made the government concentrate on these products as a source of their income. The same government is increasing the rates of Cigarettes and tobacco products as people who accustomed to these products will go for them even though the rates are high. The same concept they might have used here only.
    In AP the government increased the liquor rates by 60 to 75%. Who stopped drinking after this price increase? If we want the government to decrease the rates people should stop using those products. Then only the government will come around. But we will never do that.

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    Since the government has shelled out huge money by way of providing reliefs in different ways after the spread of corona especially providing rations to the needy people, relief to labours etc. Such measures have led to erosion of huge money and currently experiencing financial crunch. Petroleum products were purchased when the price was at the lowest level and that bulk amount remained stored till the last month due to lockdown period.
    Once the period has been relaxed from the lockdown, people utilised their bikes and vechiles for the different purpose. Now the government is aware of the fact despite of heavy prices of these petroleum products, people would use them in the wake of no alternatives.
    Hence this sentiment is working behind it and unless we are not united on this front to protest the government, they are not likely to change their stand. Hence we should come up with our demand to resist the attitude of the government in this regard.

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    I was also writing about the increase of fuel prices in India even when the international price of crude goes very low. In fact I used to feel that at least in this one matter the government is not transparent.
    My view was that a small increase in fuel price will reflect as price increase in all sectors and lead to increase in cost and price everywhere.
    But a statistical explanation in a post I received in Whatsapp proved me wrong. The data and statistics there showed that the price of most items was increased even when the price of fuel decreased and came very low. Though the price of petrol and diesel saw increase and decrease, many items where there was exponential increase did not come down at all.
    So blaming fuel price for price rise is no longer a much valid point.
    We discuss and mind the price of fuel because it was earlier regulated by government and not regulated now. But all other items were not regulated even from start and hence we were not bothering about it.
    So the best now is not to mind the price of petrol and diesel from now. Do we mind and bother the regular price increase in many other essential items? We sometimes murmur a curse and pay and buy. Let the same be for fuels too from now. At least we will have one tensions less.

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