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    Why buy toys and paintings and idols of Hindu Gods made in China?

    SmartPhones and other electronic goods from China may be unavoidable. But why do you want to buy toys and paintings and idols of Hindu Gods from China?

    India can't ban everything from China. It will affect the Indian economy. But why can't India ban/ stop using the toys and other simple things which are made in China which can be easily made in India? It will create jobs for Indians and will also reduce the trade deficit with China!
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    We have to start somewhere to stop it completely. We may not be able to stop purchasing 100% from that country. But we should start avoiding as much as possible so that we can stop completely one day or other. There should be a beginning.
    It is also a good idea to stop immediately the purchase of the small plastic items which are being sold as Chinese products in the market. Government of India can stop completely importing these items. That will give a boost to the Indian manufacturers. Many small companies can come and start producing these plastic items.
    Then they go to other items and ban them also. Definitely, if it happens, there will be many chances for Indians to start their own manufacturing units and employment will be created and the economy will grow.
    These days many people are against purchasing China products and it is really a good point. Now if the government bans at least some products to import from China, it gives a further boost to the concept of discouraging China.

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    Now China has become more dangerous than Pakistan. At least Pakistan can be tamed with firing in the borders and they would keep quiet. But China has been agreeing for peace and deescalation of tension in the border but they have constructed the tent and re arranged the military arms against India with heavy deployment of PLA forces. This proves that China want to confront with India and seeking war. In that case boycotting their every product would be the first great step and that would weaken that country. Once India strictly follow non acceptance and rejecting the China products or any form. other countries would also follow because every major country feels that the virus menace was emanated from China and wants to show their ire at it by not buying Chinese product and thus China would be doomed.
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    I have given a detailed response on Chinese goods in this thread I think that suits here also and am not repeating same views here.

    However for the question 'why can't India ban' asked in this thread, I quote my reply to a similar question by a member in another thread a few years ago. I quote:

    "refer the part in your post " ....then why not government ban selling and importing Chinese product in India."
    No, as per the international agreements and arrangements which our country is also a signatory, the government has to give' equal playing field' and cannot give any extra patronage to a particular company or a domestic industry. Government cannot give any favour to a domestic company or cannot charge any extra penal duty on an import . Government cannot stop any country(who is a signatory to the agreements) from trading with it.
    So the only way is for the people to voluntarily avoid such things which they see as not god for them or for the country.
    Mahatmaji had shown that method to us during Independence movement." Unquote

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    Govt is bound by some international trade agreements and cannot block the import items from the other countries. This would only lead to further confrontations. Only thing is either we produce good quality cheaper items in our country or the public of India should voluntarily reject and ignore the Chinese items. This is a difficult situation as there are some people in our country who do not bother for any item as where it is made and manufactured. They only see its price and if price is reasonable, they go for it. China knows this psychology of the people worldwide and that is the reason that they are flooding the world markets with their cheaper alternatives.
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    A common man can only curb his expenses from the minimum resources available to him hence he is ready to buy cheaper products.
    As discussed in my earlier thread on which entrepreneur business would you start? this is the question we as individuals should ask for ourselves. Any citizen who has an idea to produce toys for kids can start the business to outbreak the Chinese goods.

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    Glad to see you here after a long gap, Dan. Hope you are back to stay.

    Yes, you have got a point in what you suggest. But we need to introspect why we opt for Chinese goods? It is certainly not the long known affection for foreign goods. In that case, it must definitely be the low cost combined with the finish of the products that give an edge to the Chinese products, I feel.

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